How much sex you should have according to your age?

Do you have an excess of or too little sex? The issue is that we have less time to invest some quality energy with our accomplice, in addition to all the worry of present day times, and the reality how diverse we are just adds to that.
For a few people having sex twice every week is sufficient, while a for others that can be either too little or excessively.
Kinsey Institute uncovered how regularly people have intercourse, on the off chance that we think about their age, and here we demonstrate the outcomes:

* 18-29: On average 112 times a year;
* 30-39 years: on average 86 times a year;
* 40-49 years: on average 69 times a year.
* The site “Your Tango” then led its own overview among perusers who are hitched, to discover the base, normal and perfect number of sexual exercises for one month.
* Minimum: Once a month;
* Average: Once a week;
* Perfect: Three to five times a week.

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