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By Sunidhi Prajapat
Atharva Veda recites that it’s a part of a hymn to worship Kaamdev during the Hindu marriage rituals, which seeks happiness in the married state and offspring. Some theories say that Kama was worshipped but also unequalled by all the gods whereas, according to another, he was the god of sexual love, like Eros to the Greeks and Cupid to the ancient Romans. It’s a necessity for the married life of a couple that the sexual life should always be alive and interesting. To have happiness and excitement in the married life the couple needs to be sexually and romantically vital.


The art of seduction is one of the most important aspects of sexuality for both men and women. One should know how to make it more enthusiastic, how to attract his or her partner. One cannot just jump into bed and start the process. There are 64 arts of seduction, which men and women should know and have to be good at in order to become sexually complete and satisfied. The arts which recites in Kama Sutra are especially for the women, which consists of the arts like perfuming of the body, different body parts with different types of fragrances – like for hair the fragrance should be husk which is actually the smell of water on earth – singing, dancing, has to be flexible, poised, patient and so on. Well, it says that the woman have to be the masters in the arts of seduction which is half of the truth. Not only woman but a man needs to participate fully, he needs to understand the nuances, the feelings in order to maximise his sexual energies. It’s a very sensitive and important topic to be discussed and letting people know about for making their sexual life more intense and passionate.

Make love making interesting

There is an example where a woman conquers a man’s will and love for her by using one of the greatest arts of seduction. The woman is none other than the Cleopatra who wanted to conquer over the heart of this great emperor of the time, Julius Caesar. Caesar was the ruler, he had power, wealth and he could have had anybody he wanted. But here comes Cleopatra who made Caesar feel that he couldn’t want anybody else more than her. She made him happy by being happy and cheerful all the time she was with him. Even during the critical time of the intense love making, she used to laugh in such a way that he could relate his happiness only to her.

kamsutra Cleopatra

Kama Sutra teaches the meaning and importance of the sexual love in our life. It recites several intimate positions, which make it more rousing. The joy of union, it’s an expression of feeling high and more enjoyable by being together, being into each other’s arms and even being inside each other. Rubbing and touching of each other’s feet softly in order to arouse the former, tickling each other’s body then becoming cozy with each other to come forward and start rubbing each other’s body softly. After these graceful processes one starts to kiss the other softly and then passionately with this ultimate force that the other one surrenders the body to the other.

The different sex positions have very important roles to play during the sexual intercourse. If the partners are experienced in some positions it could be beneficial for them because they could do it better and which will lead them to the gigantic level of excitement. But if the partners are new for the positions or even if they are beginners, they can also enjoy these sex positions to a level because being beginners they could create and innovate new things in between their sexual intercourse.

The most popular sex positions are butterfly which is the modified missionary position, then comes the most favourite of the people, the missionary position. After that, the counter top and the seated scissors are in the list, there are number of sex positions which a couple can try. BDSM is also a term used for hard core sex, which is experienced by so many couples nowadays.

Masturbation is important for self- satisfaction and more the knowledge of it. With the time, need of masturbation grows more. Sometimes by watching porn and reading it, leads to this urge which make our inner self demanding more sex, if the partner is not present one masturbates and lowers this urge. The men need to masturbate every week or a day in two weeks, because of the increased testosterones which leads them to nightfall. Sometimes people release of stress and heaviness in the body, through masturbation. There are so many sex toys which could be helpful for both males and females during masturbation. These sex toys are not only used during masturbation but also while having sex, to make it more fun.

It’s sad that these essential things of life are still a taboo to discuss openly. Sex education is a necessity in the country. It helps people to know about the infection which could occur while having sex and also the diseases and stress which could be prevented by having regular sexual intercourse. People remove their pubic hairs in order to get more pleasure during sex which is actually not correct because it prevents our bodies from several Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) as well as use of condoms to have a safe sex is also necessary. People should read and be knowledgeable about these things which will make their sexual life safe.

Sex is the most desirable feeling in the world. People should maintain their sexual lives which will balance their life. It will never make the great work of ‘Mother Nature’ to stop. Reproduction is the base of the Earth, it should be continued without a fail and should be preserved with love.

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