Things Women Hate in Men During Sex

Sexologists say that while sex for men is all about pleasure, women seek emotional attachment during the intercourse. But men, as impulsive as they are, sometimes fail to comprehend the directions of their female partners and end up with an unsatisfying session. Here’s the list of habits women hate in men during intercourse.

Roughing it up
Unlikely of what internet sex suggests, majority of women hate the animalistic behaviour of men in bed, especially if it is their first time. They like men who handle them gently, both in and outside bed.

No kissing after oral
Women do not like men who devour only on their sexual organs during intercourse and neglect other parts of their body. They wish to have a wholesome experience rather than.. you know what…

No protection
Hesitancy to wear protection during intercourse may refer to a man’s malicious innuendos. Men who ask for ‘favour’ while refraining to wear protection cannot be trusted.

Escaping cuddle time
As mentioned above, sex to women is more about emotions than physical pleasure. A woman may feel used and exploited if her partner’s romance dies out with sex. Women love cuddling, a lot!

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