7 things no one tells you about marriage

If you are planning to tie the knot soon, chances are high that you will currently be on cloud nine. With the warm wishes and texts pouring in, you surely cannot wait to finally get married and live with your favourite person on this Earth FOREVER! But marriage is not a piece of cake, and you will soon realize that once you shift in with your partner.

Until then, read on to find out about 10 things that no one tells you about marriage:

  1. Marriage is dirty. Being together the entire day and night means that your partner will see your bare face with all its flaws, your period blood stains on the bed sheet and what not. You will also have to live with smelly bathrooms and unmaintained almirahs for the rest of your life.
  2. You will literally have to live together ‘in sickness and in health’. Upset stomachs, puking, groaning in pain; you both have to live with that and fight it together.
  3. You will miss your bachelorhood. Of course, you will not have the entire bed just to yourself and planning a meal would require the other person’s approval too.
  4. You will discover new things about each other. Some of them will make you smile, while others will make you go completely crazy. But at the end of the day, you need to deal with them.
  5. You will fight over the lamest things. These include ‘why are your socks on the bed?’ and ‘why is not the bathroom door shut?’. You will fight over small and trivial issues and drive each other nuts.
  6. The pressure to procreate increases manifold. Parents and elders will be super curious and always ready with the question- ‘when are we going to see the face of our grandchild?’
  7. The beauty of marriage lies in the simplest and quietest of moments. Back rubs after a long day, sleeping all cuddled up when it is cold outside and waking up in the middle of the night to hug your partner a little tighter are all priceless moments.


No matter how much you fight, the truth remains that you both love and need each other. Marriage is unpredictable, but fun too. After all, it’s a journey of a lifetime.

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