8 things you should do for your wife in the first month of your marriage

If you have recently tied knots with your soulmate, here is a list of things that you should do for your wife in the first month of your marriage:
Introduce her to your family and friends

Now that she has become an integral part of your life, it is important for you to introduce her to your closed ones and those people who hold value in your life. Though everything might be old to you, but it is new for her. Make her feel comfortable with your friends and family. Give her an opportunity to bond well with them so that you two can have more fun in your new married life. Try to know and gel up with her friends and family too.

Give most of your free time to her

When you are not married, you have an option to spend your personal time as you wish. But when you get married, you have to give most of your free time to your wife. And why not? Afterall, she left her home and her people just to spend the rest of her life with you. She deserves all your free time.

Cook for her

Prepare a romantic breakfast, serve it to her in bed and greet her with a peck on her cheeks. Even if you are not good at cooking, you must give it a try. Search for some easy-to-make recipes and cook one for her. It will make her feel loved and valued. Though it is difficult to cook everyday, but you can try it once in a blue moon or on days when she’s unwell just to show her that you care.

Buy her cute presents

Who doesn’t love getting presents? Especially when it comes to girls, there is no better way of expressing your love to her than expressing it by showering her with cute gifts. Get a customized gift with a loving message written on it or a bouquet of red roses for her while going back home from office. Pamper her sweet tooth by gifting one of her favorite desserts and chocolates to her.

Bunk off from work and take her out for a movie date

Yes, it is important to be particular about your work and meet your deadlines on time. But you shouldn’t be too rigid about it. There are times when you just can’t concentrate and miss your wife way too much while at work. This is when it is okay to bunk off from work and go out for a movie date with your wife.

Spice things up in bed every night

This was the time she had been waiting for since so long. She might not say it, but she will definitely love it when you have mind-boggling sex with her every night. Don’t ever miss a chance to impress her in the bed. Try different ways and positions to seduce her every day and quirk up your married life.

Pamper her when she is on her period

After marriage you have to deal with a lot of new things. Handling her mood swings when she is on her period is one of those new things. It is that time of the month when her emotions are out of control. She might get irritated and angry on smallest of things. All you need to do on your part is avoid any sort of argument during this time and pamper her with tight hugs and kisses instead. Also, don’t forget to stock your house with all her favorite candies, chocolates and snacks to do away with her midnight cravings.

Take her to meet her parents whenever she misses them
It is tough for a girl to leave her birth home and live with her husband’s family. In the initial days of your marriage, your wife might miss her parents a lot. And it is your responsibility to comfort her and take her to meet her parents whenever she misses them.

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