Grooming the Groom!

While the brides come under the spotlight with their dazzling attire, jewellery, the radiance, beauty, oomph and the charismatic glow, grooms usually end up being sidelined on their D-Day. Being the groom, you deserve to be the equal shareholder of those gazes. Unfortunately it is the girl who gets all the eyeballs while the grooms stand next in utter dismay.  After all, she is not the only one getting married; you are the other half of ‘the wedding couple’ too. But possibly because men do not put enough effort in toning up, beautification and presentation, they often lose out.

One must not forget the real hard efforts, put in to acquire that flawless look that brides sport nowadays to look glamorous on the most auspicious day. A lot of time, money and effort is spent on countless sessions ranging from fitness programs, weight loss, figure enhancement, liposuction, cosmetic surgery, skincare, pedicure, manicure, spa treatment, pre-bridal parlour sessions, hair salons, dieting, joining gym or fat melting classes, conversation classes, outfit designing and rehearsals, how to carry stilettos, jutis or pumps, and ofcourse endless jewelery and outfit matching sessions  and what not! The list is endless. Sounds exhausting? Well ! Well ! this is why the brides take the lead as the cynosures of all eyes.

1nenetus_1442297940 We understand your state. A hell of a lot of other crucial things is present to demand your attention and stress you up; no matter how many wedding professionals you have by your side. In the hustle and bustle of all the preparations and planning, you tend to overlook what should demand your utmost attention, ‘Yourself’. It is obvious that being the groom, you will be noticed too. So make sure, that you look as best as possible, when you stand next to your gorgeous to-be-wife and walk the aisle.

While you are engrossed  in your efforts and thoughts in deciding about your outfits and footwear; a key aspect is usually left ignored, i.e. Grooming. Not just one’s face and clothes should shout with elegance but hygiene factor should be up to mark as well. Following are some essential tips which you must follow being the groom. After all, the groom should be groomed!

The Glow On Your Face:

The absence of alluring glow from your face on the D-Day is a big ‘No’! If you do not want to be that ‘dull-looking’ groom, start focusing on your skin. Only if the skin is healthy, you will look radiant. And of course, you need to feel really happy from inside. Otherwise, no miracle can make you look good.

Coming back to the skin, the first step is to start eating healthy. Whatever you eat, it reflects on your face. Include green leafy vegetables, Vitamin C rich fruits like Oranges and Strawberries, Almonds, Carrots and anti-oxidant foods in your diet. Stay totally away from oily and junk food. Keeping your skin hydrated This is another vital that point  ignored by men that needs to be kept  in mind. So, drink a plenty of water every day.

xlargeStart embracing your skin with cleansing and moisturizing apart from just washing the face twice in a day. We know this is difficult because you have never done it before. Be careful with the products you use. They must be suitable for your skin type. It is never too late to start following the right regime. However, the earlier you start, the better it will be.  Also, while opting for the facial at the salon, understand each facial properly and select the one that best goes for your skin type. For instance, if you have acne or oily skin, prefer to go with gel-based facials. And similarly, if you have dry skin, opt for oil-rich cream based products.

The Shine On Your Teeth:

Let them shine bright like diamonds. Smiling is the thing that you will be doing throughout the wedding and other ceremonies. Surely, you won’t want your pale yellow teeth to be the spoilsport on the crucial day. It is better if you start using the whitening toothpaste before a few months before the marriage. Even a visit to the dentist for plaque removal and teeth shining is worthwhile. Especially if very less time is left for the wedding and you are struggling to get rid of the paleness from your teeth, it is better to consult a dentist and undergo a whitening treatment.

The Right Hair Cut:

Do not experiment with your hair just prior to your wedding. Even if you want to, do it  atleast before a month or better still two months ahead. For, if the new experimented haircut doesn’t suit you, it will end up giving you a stupid look. Try heading to a spa and getting a hot-oil massage at least once in two weeks for at least two to three months before your marriage. It will enhance the volume and shine of your hair. Undergo proper treatment to get rid-off the dandruff and split ends rather than waiting for them vanish on their own.

Waxing Away Unwanted Hair:

It is superb if you are among the guys who keep getting their body hair waxed. If not, it might be a little more painful for you. Good things come for a price. Isn’t it? It is a perfect way to surprise your wife. Go for it only if you are totally comfortable and mentally prepared for it; not under any pressure. Some women like the hairy look, so keep it on wherever your sweetheart demands.  But, at least make sure that your eye-brows do not look wild and nasal hair have been removed.

Pedicure and Manicure:

Your hands will be photographed a lot. And also, everyone will notice them while they look at your wedding ring. Make it certain, that they do not look shabby and the nails are cleanly cut. You will be sitting barefoot while performing rituals. Even though unintentionally, but your feet might obviously seek attention of the people. Ensure that they look well-maintained and smooth.


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