High-tech weddings

Making traditions absolute?
By Mala Ashok
Technology has made inroads into our lives in several areas and weddings are no exception. We are all aware of the matchmaking sites and the increasingly popular Internet dating sites. Impact of technology on the actual wedding relevant today.
Our first face-to-face meeting with technology was in the wedding invitation selection offered by card companies. We could decide the designs and “print” the writing and email to the card company and they would have the cards ready in a very short time.
High-tech weddings

Now, this is passe. Most of my friends have stopped printing wedding invitation cards. They send out emails with colorful attachments for each event and we can RSVP either to an email or to a specially created wedding website.

The wedding pictures were posted on Dropbox or Snapchat and literally thousands of pictures flooded our boxes. Now, all of this seems in the past.

That’s because a wedding site threw its annual “Dream Wedding”, an extravaganza that seemed notable less for the happiness of the winning couple than for the ton of new high-tech wedding wizardry on display. No question about it, one of the biggest trends in weddings these days is personalisation. These new-tech advances promise to make tomorrow’s nuptials even more personal than ever. Here are just some of the new-tech toys that are sure to catch your eye, although I’d caution couples to make sure your wedding is remembered for feeling the emotions and not being bedazzled by the gizmos.

3-D printing for cake toppers and other special wedding treats

 Why buy a generic cake topper featuring any old bride and groom — or two brides and two grooms — when you can have one fashioned in your own likeness using new 3-D printing technologies? These nifty reproductions will surely become lifelong keepsakes.

Wearable heart monitors (from Fitbit to Apple Watch)

“What if you could look back on your wedding day and actually be able to see your exact heart rate at the moment you walked down the aisle? You can. Think about it – from the pricey $17,000, 18-karat gold Apple Watch to a simple $150 Fitbit bracelet, it’s just a matter of which colour to choose. I have a Fitbit bracelet and it helps me stay within my calory limit and makes me walk my 10,000 steps daily. After your special day you might need this stay-fit tool too.

Live-streaming robots

Now, even those unable to attend your wedding can watch every moment, thanks to camera-enabled robots live-streaming everything— especially the out-of-towners watching from afar. This has been happening in some weddings, particularly when some or many of the friends and relatives are overseas.

Bridal cams

For the true digerati (the truly tech savvy and Internet gurus), consider asking the florist to embed a GoPro camera in your malas, which will record the entire wedding ceremony from your vantage point.

Seriously, though I’m a big proponent of technology, especially when it enhances our lives. Still, all things in moderation, please! After all, there’s nothing like the romance of a truly traditional wedding.