Summer Brides: Make-Up Tricks

To be the center of attraction is what every bride wishes. Perfection is the core requirement. The venues, the pre and post wedding functions, the arrangements and the fuss added by the guest and the relatives are a normal sight to be spotted in Indian weddings. But no matter what comes, the day has to be beyond perfect for the girl. Although the natural glow and warmth of the love from the family and friends are more than enough to lighten up your face but why not play with your features and heighten them with makeup to catch the rest of the spotlight.


The point of worry is that Indian bridal makeup has taken the form of the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A bride is not supposed to look like a Christmas tree, instead the look has to be subtle yet breathtaking.

A challenge gets added to the list when you have to be at your best as the summer bride. The weather challenges you hard to hold on to your look for which you have spent hours with make-up artists.

But how to deal?

Here are few tips coming right from the experts that should be taken into consideration if you are soon to be a bride because there is a crisp and definite answer to every problem. You just need the right way to deal with it.

  • Primers – It is essential to give a good base to your makeup so that it could stay for longer. Since it’s really humid and sweaty and wedding functions tend to last for many hours, primers would lock the moisturizer within your skin pores and release it slowly onto the surface thereby helping in keeping the foundation intact. Primers need to be applied evenly after a few minutes of moisturizing your face.

    Closeup portrait of a woman applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation on the face using makeup brush.
    Closeup portrait of a woman applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation on the face using makeup brush.
  • Foundation – Just because it is your big day, you do not have to apply the foundation more than it is actually required. Get over the taboo that fairer brides are more beautiful. The lighter shades of your foundation would only make you look 10 times fairer than your actual complexion. You need makeup and not white wash on your face. Girl! Instead of an ashy and ghastly look, correctly applied and blended SPF free foundation in the right amount would highlight your features. Do not forget that its summers. Adding layers of makeup would worsen it.
  • Understand the difference between shimmer and glitter- Shimmer is to be applied subtly and not rubbed all across the face. Let yourself free from the misconception that reflective foundation, reflective lipsticks, reflective blushers, reflective eye shades would highlight your features. Instead, they make you look fatter by reflecting back the light from the surface of your face. Highlighters are rather in demand which can be used at the chin, nose and cheek bones to give an outstanding look. After all shimmery makeup is not the only type of makeup. Get versatile this very moment. Explore!maxresdefault
  • Translucent powders- This product tops the list of the necessities of bridal makeup. Since sweating can make you go crazy and those sessions of bursting out of the emotions, it is important to pat the face with the powders instead of using a foundation compact which would mere add layers on layers. Blotting powders and blotting papers can be used as a backup.
  • Blending- Nomatter how good is the quality of makeup you have used or how perfectly you did it, if it is not blended properly with a puff or brush, it won’t look good. The make-up should not stand out from your skin and body. It should merge well and be absorbed by the skin so as to bring a natural look. The blending of every layer is essential.blending
  • Flashy Lipsticks – Itis indeed a real big day for the bride but that does not give an open authority to flash the brightest and the darkest shades of the lipstick collection. Stick to red, peach or pink shades of the products. Creamy matte is in the trend. Who would not want something that would stay longer without making the lips dry. Avoiding using gloss is a better idea as it reduces the staying power of the lipstick.flashy lipsticks
  • Blushers and eye shades- it’s the best to focus on any one of your facial features. Make sure that you do not overdo it. Choice of shade if very crucial. As far as the eyeshadows are concerned one needs to coordinate with all the colors of the bridal attire. For the blushers, it is really fine to go for corals, pink and peaches. Shades like red and maroon usually take away the innocence of the face.eye makeupThe approbation of the weather by your looks is very essential. Focusing on the definition of the features and making it lively and not like a make-up doll, would add to your look. Consider using waterproof products in summer. And finish it up with a finishing spray to keep the makeup stay longer on your face.

Make-up comes to the rescue to wipe away the blemishes, lines, and marks that might appear due to tension, anxiety and tiredness.

Wedding photographs are a timeless possession. So you should not leave a single loophole that you would regret later. Do not compromise at any point. Make your special day the most beautiful one so as to cherish throughout the life.

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