10 easy ways to take care of your hair this winter

We all deck up our cupboards with moisturizers and creams for our skin in winters, but forget taking care of our hair. But do you know these whipping winds and dry air can damage your hair, making them look dull, rough and cause flakes? Yes, they may cause wind burn, damaging the tissues of your skin and scalp. This winter, you can manage your hair easily at home by following these essential tips:

Use cold water

Hot water shower may give you relief but extra exposure to hot water may zap out the moisture from your hair. Instead of it you can use lukewarm water. But in case you are habitual of having hot water bath, then the hair must not be exposed to it for more than five minutes.

Oil it, not spoil it

Do you know coconut oil is the best conditioner present in your home? There is a traditional way of moisturizing the hair and for the same you to massage your scalp with vitamin E, olive oil or coconut oil before hopping the shower. It helps in regenerating the scalp oils, giving your locks a lustrous look.

Spot the right conditioner

If one can’t go traditional way of conditioning there are the perfect option of conditioning available in the market that could make you look as if you caress your hair everyday.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is known for treating fungal infections. But do you know massaging your hair with tea tree oil daily can cure your dry, itchy head naturally?

Don’t overdo washing

As it is said, Excess of everything is dangerous. So is the case, while washing your hair. Make it a frequent affair, but don’t overdo it. Too much of washing might make your hair dry .Variety of shampoos like moisturizing shampoos, medicated shampoos and natural shampoos are available in the market to choose from. Pick up the right one according to your hair.

Keep it as it is

Do you know your hair is more prone to get damaged when they are wet? So to prevent it don’t comb them when they are wet. If the strands are really parched, comb your hair with a few drops of olive oil and a wide tooth comb after showering.

Natural bristle brushes

Brushes with natural bristles help redistribute oils from the scalp to the rest of the hair and also conduct less static than plastic brushes and combs.

Inside out

Proper hydration is needed when it comes to dry scalp. Good hydration will help in reducing the itch and allow your hair to have a healthy ‘summer glow.’

Trim it

It is essential to get a haircut regularly in order to get rid of split ends. Get it done every six to eight weeks, as this will promote healthy hair growth.


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