10 Healthy Relationship Habits Every Relationship Should Have

Every New Year brings a change, a spark for something new, and a chance to be better. Relationships have flaws and mistakes that need to be fixed. But there is something beautiful about the fuss, disagreement and boredom. They make you realize what an ideal relationship needs. From the journey starting from learning’s to making things perfect, you find your dear of affection. Here are some of the healthy habits that every relationship should have. So, let’s be crazy in love and make the best of 2018!


1. Sit together and work to solve problems
Every pair goes through the phase of rough days that make them feel grumpy. This is the time which is very crucial and should be paid attention to. Ignoring or saying bitter words will only make things worse. Be mature enough to plan a meeting after a fight and sit together and list down all your problems and grudges with each other. Doing so will ensure that you are looking forward to make things better. Talk about your problems one by one and find out the best mutual solution to them.
2. Make time for fun
Relationship needs craziness and energy to survive but most of the couples often neglect that. Going for movies is out-dated these days. Find out some adventurous activity for the two. Go for bowling, skiing, a trip, mountain climbing, and there are many more options that you have not explored yet.

3. Shower compliments
Compliments build up confidence. If you tell your better half how amazing they look, or you tell them that you like the shirt they are wearing, these compliments ensure that you are impressed and you can still feel the spark. Noticing such things and letting them know how you feel creates a sense of joy in a relationship.
4. Talk about the world
If you do not discuss the current affairs, scientific facts, then you are restricted inside the circle with your loved one. It is time to go out of the circle of barriers and widen your thoughts. Sip a cup of coffee and discuss news, it makes you take one step forward towards becoming an ideal partner.
5. Appreciate
People often ignore the fact that appreciation can make someone’s day and make them feel better about themselves. If your better half has done so much for you, let them know that you are thankful to them. In this cruel world, you will only find a very few people that truly and deeply cares about you. One of my suggestions is to send them a thank you note with a bouquet of flowers or chocolates. That works well!
6. Be comfortable during the boredom phase
Boredom is not a relationship killer. In fact, it is the only thing that defines your energy to stay in a relationship. Relationships do go through this phase and it is essential. U can not be all hyped with the fun things you do. Sitting together quietly, and just being fine with it is what makes you ensure that you found the partner of your dreams. If there is no topic to talk about, it is fine. Looking at each other and not saying a word feels beautiful in its own way.
7. Respect
People need respect more than love. If your partner loves you immensely but fails to give you the respect you deserve, it is time to take a step back. A person wants to feel respected and appreciated in every step of a relationship. So, start respecting each other, couples!
8. Confess your mind and heart
Your thoughts are important and you know it, too. You should never keep things bottled up. Look for a solution for a therapy release of the feelings to your partner. Having transparency saves fight and chaos in a relationship. Take your time, do not rush! Look for the best way to confess how you feel. It is always better to tell the truth and speak your mind rather than facing the consequences of covering up your feeling.

9. Forgive and forget
If you do not hold on to grudges, it is well and good. But if there is a part of you that is not able to let go of the past with your partner, it is time to work hard on it. It is completely okay to remember what they did to hurt you but doing so, will only cause fear and dullness. Start a new, give and take chances!
10. Prove your love
Giving a surprise to your better half, bringing them gifts, and writing them a love note are some ways to show your love. It brings trust and let you two feel safe and secure. Everything is worth the smile on your partner’s face! Lighten up their day and do something special today!


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