10 Low key signs that state you’re super serious in a relationship

By Gunit Mayo

January 08, 2018

Paying close attention to your relationship with your man is very important. Your relationship occupies a great space in your life. Your feelings play a great role, too. A relationships is a bond or the way in which two people are connected emotionally. It involves mutual trust, and feeling. The affair of the hearts have rule that should be followed by the man and woman both. Nothing works independently in a relationship. We all go through some serious issues in a relationship but we also have been in an ideal one. Here are some signs that tells that you care a lot about your man and you are super serious for him.


1. He is the first thought in the morning


If you wake up in the morning and all you want to do is see his face, then you really like him a lot. It means you love being around him all the time and he holds a great part of your life. If you are the one texting him first, and calling him to make plans, then you need to stop. Pause and think if you are really doing the right thing! A man should also take initiative to start a conversation, take you out on a date and a lot more. Don’t let the relationship suffer, let go before it is too late.


2. Every fight leaves you miserable


If you feel vulnerable and disturbed after you two have a fight, then it surely means that you care a lot about this relationship. It is understandable that you do not wish for this relationship to suffer in any sort of way. If he wants to take you out on a date and somehow you fail to show up, he takes his friend out for movies instead, then you aren’t important to him as much as you thought you were. You need to have concerns about yourself, too, girls!

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3. You dream about him


Every relationship should have some sense of craziness. You should feel erratic and wild when you see him. If he is always on your mind, it is obvious that you could dream about him during the night. Your thoughts process during sleep as well. He is your dream guy, isn’t he? Being crazy in love could be hectic. You will think about him whenever you are working or hanging out with friends. Well, day-dreaming doesn’t go out of your mind, does it?

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4. You want the best for him


If he is going through an important phase in his life, you want that to work out for him. If he is struggling his way into business, you always find ways to keep him motivated and you always let him know how proud you are of him. Having a support system is all that a man can ask for from his woman. But if he fails to do the same in return, it is time to start considering what may actually be good for you.


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5. You forgive a lot


Always being able to forgive in the name of love is fair to some certain extend. It means you are soft-hearted and so in love with your man! There are guys who are arrogant and aggressive followed by possessiveness for their girlfriend. If he uses bitter and harsh words, it means that he fails to respect you. Respect is very important in a relationship. A woman would like to feel respected more than to feel loved. If he doesn’t do anything about it any sooner, then he is not worth it! Everyone needs to have patience and control over their emotions.


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6. You plan surprises


If it’s Christmas, simply bringing in some donuts for you two could mean that you are serious. You want to see him smiling, and everything seems worth that smile. It is just that you care a lot. You are aware how to light up the spark in the relationship and never let it burn. You surely don’t want your man to sink in boredom and think that life is not so exciting. You are the excitement in the man’s life.

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7. You never hold back


If you care about something, you will fight for it. You will prove your point if it matters to you so much. You share your feelings, express your anger, and so on. If a girl isn’t serious, she wouldn’t care to pick fights and slam doors.

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8. You know his likes and dislikes

If you pay a lot of attention to what he likes and dislikes, it states that you’re super serious. Knowing him correctly is a way of telling yourself that he is yours.


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9. You get emotional


If gets selected for a job and you’re in tears of happiness, then you surely are attached to him. It is simple. Almost every woman is vulnerable no matter how strong she shows she is. If you aren’t getting the type of love and respect that you deserve, then maybe your man doesn’t deserve you. Don’t feel afraid to kick him out for being a jerk. Do not expect and wait for him to change, that is not going to happen any time sooner!

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10. You talk about future


Looking at the future together is every serious pair’s dream.If you sit and wonder about how your life is going to be with him in future, it is a big deal!