10 of the Most Creative Ways to Put Your Hair Extensions on!

Nowadays, hair extensions are the talk of the town. Be it the red carpet or an Instagram makeup enthusiast post, everyone is rocking that voluminous, shiny, flowing and lust-worthy hairs. Flaunting those luscious hair extensions requires some skills and here we are to help you put your hair extensions in the most creative ways.

Hair extensions not only make one looks younger and youthful, but they let you rock those heavy curls and stunning hairstyles. Although hair extensions make you look gorgeous but if worn wrong, it can become a disaster. We have found some of the most creative methods using which you can make everyone one droll over you.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 10 most creative ways to put your hair extensions on:


1. Clipping the hair extension

Clipping the hair extensions are one of the easiest ways when you want an instant result. While putting the clipping directly on to your sectioned hairs, it is suggested that you tease hair right at the root to make them somewhat rough. This will make sure that the hair extensions stick in its place and does not move throughout your day. Also, this will blend the space between the real hair and the added one. Clip in hair extension is best for the people who are not ready to commit to wearing hair extensions regularly.


2. Sew-in or braided

This method of putting the hair extension is commonly known as weave. This kind of extension is best for thick hair. These hair extensions are put in a way that the hairs are braided to form a base for the extensions and then hairs extension are sewn into the braids by using a needle and thread. Usually, this method of putting hair extension is associated with the ethnic hair wearers.


3. Weft and clip

For this creative way of putting the hair extension, you will have to take one weft and then clip it to your hair at the roots. Place the hair extension just near the teased section of hair for allowing it to stick. It is very important that you place the extensions evenly so that it matches your real hair.


4. Strand by Strand

This creative way of putting the hair extension utilizes almost 20 to 40 strands of the hair which are attached together using a glue bond. The strand by strand extensions is then attached to the small sections of your hair using a warm or cold fusion. This method of putting the hair extension is also known as keratin bond, flat tip and micro links and u or nail tip.

The glued strand by strand is bonded with your hair using a hot element. Your hair is put between the U-tip and sealed with a heated extension tool which will melt the keratin glue which will then be rolled into the hair. The bond is placed near to the roots that allow a small space for movement. 300 strands may be required for length applications while for volume applications it requires 100-150 strands. Also, it depends on your hair thickness and length for achieving the desired length and look.


5. Cold Fusion, Micro-Links or I-tip

It is another way of putting the hair extension in which little section of your hair is pulled through a small look/cylinder/bead and held shut with a pair of pliers. Companies who are reputable utilize the copper cylinders lined with silicone to prevent the breakage of your natural hair.


6. Weft Extensions

It is usually defined in terms of the plurality of the hair placed at one end. This creative method of putting the hair extension on has three types that are machine made, hand-timed and injection-moulded. The sizes of the weft may vary from 1’’ to 60’’, yet, they can be of any length and they are attached to your hair as panels in rows as opposed to the individual strands. The weft hair extension method uses tape, clips, glue, or sewn-in, braided method.


7. Tape in Extensions

The newest kind of hair extensions available is the tape in hair extensions. These are polyurethane coated panels/wefts with a double-sided tape bonded. They can be 1’’-4’’ in length that is applied to each side of your hair sandwiching the hair between two panels.


8. Glue-in

It is a very short-term hair extension method but is definitely one of the creative ways of putting the hair extension on. In this method, glue is applied at the base of the weft and attached to your hair. The weft stays in your hair only for some time and then it can be detached by using an oil-based solvent.


9. Putting Hair Extensions in Upside Down Manner

Thinking to tie your hair in an updo or ponytail and wishing to add some volume to it then try placing the clip-in in an upside-down manner against your roots. In this way, your hair extension will face the right direction. It is advised to tease the hair from the top and bottom of the hair section where you have clipped the hair extension. On flipping your hair back, much volume will be added.


10. Dividing the hair into sections

You can also put the hair extension by dividing your hair into sections. Tie the upper half of your head into a ponytail and leave a thin section of hair at your neck. Add the hair extensions on the top of the thin section of hair then take another section out and repeat the process.

We explained some of the most creative ideas for applying hair extensions. Hair extensions are attractive, and everyone wants to rock them, however, it depends upon your wish and the need of your hair that what method of putting hair extension will give your desired look. All of the above methods, be it clipping in, glueing in, taping in, sew-in require time and expense but once you achieve that chosen hair look, you won’t regret.


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