10 Things That Men Notice In Their Girlfriends

Men can be quite more observant and curious as compared to women. Even if you just got your eyebrows done, or got your hair straightened, these sharp-eyed men can notice a change. Women can be dreamy and inattentive but men cover the gap! Next time when you will meet your boyfriend, you will know how to impress him. Here are a few answers that I received from men and are quite mesmerizing and mushy! Let us find out what is actually revolving inside their heads when they look at you.







1. That glow on the face
If you are cheerful and in a funny mood, men can notice. They will tell you that you look so happy and they could tell by the constant smile on your face. Your mood, whether good or bad, can always be reflected on your face.

2. Your outfit
‘’Damn, she looked hot in that black set! Almost beat that blue set she wore on my birthday!’’ If he tells you how beautiful you look in that dress or lingerie, he is definitely paying some attention to it and it is working great! If you switched from western wear to ethnic, it can totally call for some compliments.


3. Your hair and they way you treat it
‘’I notice her while she ties her hair, love how she flickers them and the way she puts her hair behind her ears.’’ If you just changed your wavy hair into straight and sleek one, it will transform your look. And not just your man, but also other people can find it quite catchy.

4. Your night dress
‘’How i just wanna kiss her and cuddle with her when I see her in that outfit.’’ It can be a turn on yet be cute at the same time. Your night dress is something men won’t fail to notice. So put on a gorgeous satin robe, girls!


5. Your accessories
‘’I love the bag that she carried last time.’’ You may think that your accessories do not hold any importance but they do a great job!

6. Gestures
‘’I love it when she bites her lips!’’ Such little things mean a lot to men and they can feel quite amazed by the things you do.

7. Nail paint
Have you ever been told to put on a Pokemon nail paint by your boyfriend? They have great noticing power and they love to see you wearing cool shades and colors that is all about them.

8. Their favorite color
If you are wearing blue colored outfit and it happens to be his favorite color, he will surely be impressed!

9. The gifts they give you
Wear the bracelet he gifted you on your birthday and you will see how glad he will be once he notice it. They feel good when they notice that you are loving their efforts.

10. Her moves
‘’She was the life of that party!’’ You can actually get your man to be into you with your moves. It works great when you are a party animal.


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