10 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

By Palak Sharma

A healthy relationship leads to a happy life and good mental health. Your partner should be your happy place, not someone who disturbs your mental peace. Nowadays, People are mostly in a toxic relationship than a healthy one and it is ruining their mental health and dreams of a happy love life.

Here are some tips for a healthy and happy relationship :-

  • Communicate- As they say, communication is the key. Open communication with your partner is a must for a healthy relationship. Sharing your thoughts and your insecurities leads to a better level of understanding between you two.


  • Be honest- Be honest with your partner. Don’t lie. Sometimes truth might hurt, but keeping things from them and lying is going to hurt more. Breaking their trust and lying to them is not going to help in keeping a relationship happy and stable. 
  • Trust them- Trust your partner. If you can’t trust your partner, then why are you with him/her? Trust them when they tell you something or about someone. 
  • Sort things out- When you both fight or argue about something, then don’t leave it at that. Instead of ignoring each other, sit and talk about it like what is the problem and how can you overcome that. Fights are just a bump on the road of relationship. 


  • Date nights- Date nights are also important in a relationship. Whether you decide to go out or stay in, these nights are a must so that you and your partner can relax and spend some quality time together.
  • Don’t be over possessive- It’s understandable you love your partner and can’t lose them, but being over possessive is not healthy. If you get jealous because of someone then talk to your partner about this rather than starting an argument about this.
  • Independency- You have a partner but that doesn’t mean you are going to be totally dependent on them, you two have different lives and you are different individuals. Learn to respect the boundaries. 


  • Don’t be too clingy- Everyone needs some space once in a while just for themselves. Learn to give them their space. You also have friends and family, people you’ve known before your partner, spend time with them and let your partner spend some time with their friends and family too. 



  • Show your love- If you love your partner, show them in the little things that you do for them. Take them out on dates, Hold their hand while they talk about their day and also sneak kisses in between the talk, cook for them, give them a massage after a tiring day at work, surprise them (it doesn’t have to be big, it can also be small), etc.
  • Stay loyal- If you are not happy with your partner or slowly losing feelings for them, then don’t cheat on them. Try to bring that spark back in the relationship. Don’t do sneaky shit. Don’t flirt with others while being in a relationship with someone.

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