10 ways to start a new in 2018 after a bad breakup

When you go through a tough time, it is very easy to let yourself break down. Distractions and forceful conversations never seem to work. But that doesn’t mean that you should let the break up rule you. If it happened for the best reason, or the worst, you need to figure out how to put your life together. Try so harder to make it one chapter of your endless book. There is something better ahead for sure. You need to flip pages, leave behind what you gave, change everything for better, and start a new chapter. Here are some ways that will help you stay strong during the darkest days.

1. Pamper yourself
Girls love to pamper themselves. Then what is stopping you now? Go! Put on some nice clothes and wash your tears away. Prepare yourself to be independent and strong. Look good, feel good! There is always someone out there who is going to look at you and say “that’s my girl’’!

2. Spend time with your friends and family
Friends and family work like therapy! You can share things with them that will eventually make you feel better. Don’t see your ex around? Well, your friends love you enough to bring a smile on your face. Do not waste time thinking about someone who doesn’t care. Time is passing and your family and friends are waiting.

3. Get a nice job
Career means a lot to us, isn’t it? Let’s work hard to distract ourselves and make a difference in the world. Work will keep you from thinking about him or crying over what just ended.

4. Pick up the novel
There are so many motivational novels waiting for your first touch. They contain the best experience advises that can help you sail through this stormy days.

5. Go for a run
Put on your shoes and go for a run. Make yourself understand that it was just a chapter and now it’s time to work with you and nobody else.

6. Try device detox
Keeping the devices switched off is a great way to give time to yourself. Pick up a hobby, do something you love, at least you wouldn’t have to go through the messages that can worsen the situation.

7. Start something new
Have you been thinking to start a blog since a very long time? Start! There could be no better motivation right now.

8. Remind yourself that you deserve better
We all know, someday we will be telling someone this story and it wouldn’t hurt us anymore. It is worth the try. Someone out there is searching for someone so precious like you.

9. Believe in miracles
You don’t know how many people are actually around us who care about us but we failed to see it. Open up your eyes and heart for those people. Who knows that you could come across someone new that will make you feel happier?

10.Feel free to be able to breathe
Don’t let the bad breakup make you feel alone. You got a chance to explore and find yourself. Feel free, breathe!


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