20 Heartbreaking Pictures That Show The Sad Reality Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic has had a devastating effect on people across the globe. It is changing lives and while many of us are locked inside our homes for self-isolation, there are many who are still working Their hearts out to serve humanity. While we are safe inside our houses, there are so many of them who are risking their lives to save others or have been badly effected by this pandemic.

1. Baby sleeps on road as migrant family walks home due to lockdown.

2. A doctor seeing his one-year-old son while on a break.

3. Britain’s youngest Coronavirus victim (13) buried without his mother and siblings nearby after they were forced to self-isolate.

4. Workers burying coffins of people who have died from COVID-19 in Serravalle Scrivia church’s cemetery (Italy).

5. Mass graves of COVID-19 victims in Iran as photographed from space.

6. Elena Pagliarini, a nurse at a hospital in Cremona (Italy) who fell asleep exhausted in full protective gear.

7. A nurse’s face bearing marks after a long day of wearing a surgical mask.


8. Coffins waiting for burial in Milan, Italy.

9. Mourning of whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang, first one to speak about the outbreak in its early days.

10. Nurse after a long day of work in the ICU.

11. Mental toll doctors have to face.


12. “Whenever I go home, I cannot even pickup my daughter. She just looks at me from a distance…” : Inspector Nirmal Shriwas, South Tukoganj police station (Indore)

13. Husband and wife, fighting on the front line together.

14. Grandma meeting the newborn for the first time through a glass window.

15. Situation inside a hospital in Italy.

16. Elderly couple with coronavirus say goodbye in hospital.

17. Doctors trying to deal with medical supply shortages.

18. Migration of daily wage labourers continue.

19. When PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) runs out!

20. The new normal!