20 Years Of Lagaan;”I Was Disappointed When We Didn’t Win Oscar,” says Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan was disappointed when his film “Lagaan” didn’t win Oscar.

In a recent video interview with TOI, Aamir Khan said that he has seen his father struggle as a producer. He once in the middle of the night was looking for his graduation certificate so he could go look for a job in his 40s. Aamir’s father feared he might go bankrupt. While telling the story, Aamir said that he then decided not to become a producer.

However, his film Lagaan was nominated for Oscar awards 20 years back for best foreign language film which was directed by Ashutosh Gwariker.

The film’s main plot revolved around a cricket match between East India Company and Indians cleverly. Its underlying sense of patriotism and triumph of human spirit made it one of the most iconic films.

Lagaan movie

Lagaan completed 20 years today.

After 20 years, Aamir Khan who played Bhuvan said he is disappointed. The film might has aged well but it cannot stand on the test of time. He further said, “I am not sure if Lagaan will be immortal.”

Some films like Mughal-E-Azam (1960), Mother India (1957), Ganga Jumna (1961), Sholay (1975) these are classics because they’ve stood the test of time.

Mughal-E-Azam was directed in Urdu dialogues and the pace was slow and it still binds you with its gripping story.
He further said, “I doubt if people will be still interested in Lagaan after 30 years. But, I am happy that Lagaan lasts 20 years. For me, Lagaan has been a fantastic journey. It was a joy ride and learning experiences for the actor, Ashutosh, Jhamu Sugand, Rahman and everyone who was part of the film”.

While remembering the days, he said, his uncle producer Nasir Hussain used to say, ” Jo behtareen filmein banti hai, wo aap banate nahi. Wo ban jaati hai. Join sap ko bolega substance banao, toh aap shayad khud nahi bana paoge. And, Lagaan is one of those films jo ban gai”.

“Jo kahani ashtoshnay likhi, we were trying our best to get it right. Humko koi idea nahi tha, yeh acchi banegi, popular hogi, 20 saal ke baad bhi hum uske baaremein baat karenge. I can tell you in all honesty and with confidence that every person involved in this film was emotionally invested in it”, he further added.

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