4 Bollywood Love Affairs Of 90s That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Bollywood’s history doesn’t just boasts of great cinema, music and artists, it also has an archive of some of the most scandalous yet hush-hush love affairs. The 90s, in particular, was a peculiar era. It gave us typical romantic films as well as cringy action flicks. But in terms of controversies and love affairs, 90s trumps every other era of Bollywood.


So unveiling the blast from the past, here are 4 love affairs of the film industry that you probably didn’t know about-


1. Govinda & Rani Mukherji

Rani and much-married Govinda’s affair started when the two were shooting for their film ‘Hadh Kar Di Aapne’. Their mutual attraction turned into something much more very soon. Rumours suggest that, at one point, the two had started living together. When Govinda’s wife Sunita got a whiff of their liaison, she decided to intervene. Sunita threatened to leave him and take away her kids if he didn’t end things with Rani. Hence, for the sake of his marriage and kids, Govinda left Rani. And the rest is history.


2. Tabu & Sajid Nadiadwala

After Sajid Nadiadwala’s wife Divya Bharti died under mysterious circumstances, he got involved with the talented actress Tabu. Their affair went on for a long time and everyone in the industry was waiting for the two to tie the knot. But sadly, that didn’t happen. Tabu and Sajid ended their years-long relationship. Nobody knows what went wrong. But if sources are to be believed, at one point Tabu realised that Sajid was still not over Divya’s death and hence she decided to break things off with him.


3. Ajay Devgn & Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon has been twice unlucky in love. When Akshay Kumar cheated on her, she was heartbroken. After some time, she got into a relationship with Ajay Devgn. But sadly, he cheated on her as well. Rumour has it that when Ajay and Raveena were together, he cheated on her with Karisma Kapoor. Ajay’s betrayal didn’t go well with Raveena and she ended her affair with him. Ajay moved on to Karisma shortly after the breakup with Raveena.


4. Sushmita Sen & Vikram Bhatt

Sushmita and Vikram’s love affair went on for a long time in the 90s. Vikram had apparently cheated on his childhood sweetheart and wife Aditi. In an interview last year, he admitted to his extramarital affair with the former miss universe Sushmita Sen. He also revealed how he regrets his affair and the hurt he caused to his wife and daughter. They broke up after a couple of years but Vikram says that there isn’t any bitterness in his heart.



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