5 Best Gifts for Your Married Friends that You Can Get Online !!!!!!

The only thing that’s more maddeningly difficult than finding the perfect gift for someone, is finding the perfect gift for two someone’s.

The only thing that’s more maddeningly difficult than finding the perfect gift for someone, is finding the perfect gift for two someone’s.

Buying gifts for anyone who isn’t your childhood best friend can be a nightmare. Knowing exactly what someone wants, or needs is pretty difficult if you’re not uber close with them. Couples are especially difficult. Newlyweds already have everything they need thanks to bridal showers and wedding gifts. Older couples generally have a pretty solid idea of what they actually want or can even use, in their houses, and no one wants to buy something that’s disposable or unusable.

The best way to get a gift that’s not only super useful, but genuinely memorable is to think outside of the gift box. Just about everyone is sick and tired of getting coffee makers and other practical gifts that don’t give have that jolt of creativity and consideration. So, what do you get your favorite married couple? Scroll on.

  1. Sex Toys

Keep in mind that lobbing a new vibrator at just any couple isn’t really an ideal situation, but for those friends who you’re close with and are comfortable with getting a little wild, sex toys are the best gift ever. Buying sex toys is generally an afterthought that is generally put off until you need one- and at that point, no one is running down to the local porn store. They tend to be at the bottom of any households “Need” list. However, this doesn’t make them any less awesome.

Consider choosing a “his and hers” personal pack, with mini-vibes or a sleek fleshlight. Or grab some fun couples only toys like an erotic body paint set. There are dozens of places online, just make sure you choose one that has discreet delivery and generous stock, like Adult Products India – a shop selling sex toys in India, but one that ships all over the world.

  1. Personalized Throw

A gift that was once popularized by Nana’s everywhere, plushy throw blankets are now worming their way into the mainstream. Few things are as inviting for couples who have exhausting daily schedules that to come home and wrap up in the snuggly warmth of a nice couch throw. Chunky knits, super warm wool, or even the new weighted blankets all make the ideal gift for couples that just need to take a few minutes and relax.

As an added bonus, these blankets have become a staple of even the most minimalist decors. They all come in chic colors and are designed to fit any style you can imagine. The only hard part about finding the ideal blanket, is only finding one of them.

  1. Smashbooks

Couples tend to amass tons of little trinkets and pieces of ephemera from all the great little excursions that they enjoy together. The problem is finding something to do with them. All the ticket stubs, pictures, and smashed penny souvenirs need to go somewhere, and if you’re not a crafty person, that can be pretty difficult to sort out. Which is where a smashbook comes in.

Smashbooks are basically scrapbooks for people that don’t like to scrap book. Many of them come with ready-made packages and page layouts that aren’t stuffy or boring, so all you have to do is literally smash in all of the things you’ve collected. It beats the shoe box that’s stuffed into the back of their closet and makes it easier to display all of the little reminders of how awesome they are as a couple.

  1. A Welcome Mat

For those couple friends that have an excellent sense of humor, a “not so welcome mat” is the gift that keeps on giving. Door mats are perfect for anyone, but our personal favorites belong to those who love dogs, video games, and solitude. A quick door mat is the perfect gift for your geek couple friends who already have everything else- or that you’re not tech savvy enough to buy for.

So if you’ve got those friends who are definitely not ready for a personalized sex toy package, maybe start small with a snarky welcome mat.

  1. Cocktail Kit

Picnic baskets, wine kits, and spa supplies are so kitschy and cliche. While it’s obvious that most couples need a gift that they both can enjoy, and can also give them a little push do spend some quality adult time together, going straight to the chick flick aisle is mildly nauseating and *yawn* a bit boring.

Spice things up by pairing together smart cocktail gift baskets. Pair margarita glasses with a chips and salsa serving plate. Or, for your hip whiskey loving friends, get a few deep buckets and an ice ball mold. If they’re a bit more gin-teel, snag one of the botanical bar tending kits to bring their tonics to the next level. Can’t find the right one? Learn how to make your own.




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