5 Celebrity Couples in Inter-Community Marriages

Society often puts certain restrictions on people. It defines certain rules on who we can and cannot love, who we can and cannot marry. But love and marriage are matters of heart and feelings. And when it comes to emotions, they generally defy the so-called rules set up the society. There are some couples who went ahead and defied the restrictions of society on religion and culture by marrying the one they love, irrespective of their cast and culture.

Here are five such brave couples from television industry who didn’t care what the society thought and married their partners.

Debina Bonnerjee & Gurmeet Choudhary

Debina & Gurmeet met the first time on the sets of the TV show ‘Ramayana’. They played the role of iconic and divine couple Sita-Ram. Their professional relationship turned personal and they fell in love. They come from different religious backgrounds. Debina is Bengali and Gurmeet a Bihari. But that didn’t deter them from going ahead and making their relationship official. The couple tied the knot secretly in 2006 and later declared it to the world in 2011. Its been 12 long years and they are still madly in love despite their different caste and culture.

• Aashka Goradia & Brent Goble

Small screen’s sensuous beauty Aashka Goradia tied the knot with beau Brent Goble in December last year. The fact that Aashka is an Indian and Brent is an American didn’t affect their relationship and their eternal love for each other. They defined the modern aspects of love and marriage and got married with both Hindu and Catholic rituals.

• Karan Singh Grover & Bipasha Basu

The handsome hunk of television industry got married with Bollywood’s Bengali beauty in 2016 and their wedding functions were a mixture of two different cultures. Karan is Punjabi and Bipasha is Bengali. But that didn’t matter to the lovely couple who took the plunge and are happily married and very much in love.

• Suyyash Rai & Kishwer Merchant

This couple is an inspiration to all young couples out there. They have been dating since 2010 and after dating for almost 6 years, the couple got married in 2016. Suyyash comes from a Punjabi family and Kishwer is a Muslim by religion. Their religious differences never mattered. All that mattered to the couple was their strong bond of love and understanding for each other. They had a court marriage and celebrated with elaborate wedding functions with all the traditions and rituals.

• Dipika Kakar & Shoaib Ibrahim

Dipika and Shoaib got married on 22 February 2018 and proved to everyone who thinks it’s inappropriate to marry someone outside of one’s religion. Dipika is a Hindu and Shoaib is a Muslim. Their relationship is the embodiment of the belief that marriage is all about settling down with the right person, doesn’t matter what their religion is.

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