5 Covert Signs That Confirm Your Smartphone Is Inducing Anxiety

Woman on road looking at her phone
Woman on road looking at her phone

Back in the day, phones mainly functioned as a means to call somebody. These days, you can check the weather, book flights, or even stalk your favorite celebs with their real-time updates! But do you know that your smartphone may be the reason behind your increasing stress levels? There are some tell-tale things you could be doing unconsciously that trigger your anxiety.

1. Scrolling Light-Hearted Content

Excessively scrolling social media posts, reels, and viral content on digital platforms is already a giveaway that you are addicted. However, do you specifically browse or prefer light-hearted or ridiculously hilarious stuff? 

If so, it can also imply you are unknowingly avoiding something serious in your life, and this is just an escape for you. In the end, you are suppressing the real issue and bottling your feelings, which could blow up hugely. 

Woman Scrolling her phone endlessly

Endlessly scrolling light content can lead to anxiety

2. Avoiding Interactions in Real Life

Do you have your head dug deep into your phone constantly – like when you are crossing the road, on the metro, or with family and friends? Psychologists say that these methods are generally used to get out of certain unflattering situations like mandatory work events. 

At the least, it indicates that whatever is going on around you doesn’t interest you one bit. Hence, you apply these avoidance tactics. Again, ignoring the people around will adversely affect your relationship with them and lead to anxiety buildup. 

Group of people using phones

Avoiding interactions by using phones

3. Desperately Seeking Answers

Whether it is validation about your personality or clarifications about a zit-like growth on your arm, you may turn to the net for answers. Going down this rabbit hole sometimes places you in dangerous waters and untrustworthy sites. Even for slight fever symptoms, if you look hard enough, it could point to a severe disorder.

Looking for guidance from strangers rather than our well-wishers and loved ones is a big red flag. You will do well to put out this fire of curiosity immediately. Seek tried and tested methods like going to a professional for legitimate answers.

4. Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparisons drive insecurity, and when the world is your platform, there is no lack of competitors. However, influencers and celebrities have a team of experts that carefully curate their online presence because they are a brand by themselves. Ordinary folk who don’t live in the limelight and public eye can get caught up in the glitter and become dejected with their own lifestyle.

5. Panicking Without Connectivity

The height of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is that you panic whenever there is a slight delay in connecting to WIFI or if the battery goes low. You may feel withdrawal symptoms if your phone is not in your hands – so much that you feel it is a part of your body. 

Reading every notification or replying to each SMS right away is a sign of anxiety. Besides, you may find yourself refreshing your feed or inbox to get the latest scoop and messages. 

woman panics as there is no WiFi

Panic when there is no connectivity


Make a conscious effort not to reach for your phone soon after waking up, and quit late-night screen time. Set boundaries. It is easy to rewire your brain to fight phone-induced anxiety. 


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