5 Fascinating Questions That Discloses How Long Your Relationship Will Last

It doesn’t matter who is the one to blame in a relationship. Duration of a relationship is based on mutual efforts and feelings. As a couple, you both should be confident enough to sit together and talk about your relationship. If it is something you truly care about, you will make efforts. Let us save the relationship from the rough phase and start working on alarming signs. These five interesting questions will help you predict your relationship’s future and give you a lot of concerns to work on for the best.

1. How do you handle your aggression?
Everyone feels angry, some use bitter words while some turn their anger into tears. It is very important to know how your boyfriend would react if something big comes up. If he believes in violence and you are against it, then you know that there is an adjustment ahead.

2. What are your expectations as a husband?
When he is standing on the spot where he could describe his wife, this will ensure if you have the following traits or not. If he wants a working wife and you wish to be a housewife, it can cause some problems. The sooner you talk about it, the sooner the problem will be solved.

3. Are you close to your family?
If he is close to his family, you will notice that his nature is family-oriented. If he cares about his family, he will surely care about his wife, too. It is obvious that the guy know the family values and know how to respect others.

4. What are your views on my lifestyle?
If he doesn’t like your nature or the way you carry yourself, there is a chance that you two are not meant to be. Hate is a strong word and if he hates you for doing something you love, please watch your steps!

5. Do you ever had double thoughts about being in a relationship?
Some guys aren’t ready to commit because they want to focus on their career. If your guy is in the same situation, you will know when to back out. If he had second thoughts then, he may have them in future, too.


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