Beaches : A perfect Hideaway in Summer Season.

Though summer is characterized by humidity, blazing rays of the sun and the scorching daytime, still it is the most happening time of the year. Throughout the year people plan for their summer vacation so that they can beat the heat of the season by spending some pampering days in the most exotic destination on planet earth. With its diverse landscapes, India offers the summer travelers most blooming summer holiday destinations, among which the beaches catch the limelight. The receding of waves , sometimes gentle sometimes aggressive, create a mesmerizing charm that nothing more is needed to spend the holidays other than watching this play of water.

Here is the list of top five beaches in India that are unique with their own characteristics :

  • Guitar Island, Andaman Islands

One of the most significant and less explored beaches, tucked away off the eastern coast of the North and Middle Andaman. With no settlements around, it is habitat only with green nature and breathtaking blue waters and extremely soothing environment. Here, one gets to spot the sea animals, hermit crabs and also roam around collecting shells lying on the white sand bed.

  • Mandarmani, Kolkata

Largest and fastest growing seaside resort village in the northern end of the Bay of Bengal, it claims to be the longest drivable beach in India. Here, you can spend the day gazing at the swooping birds, singing waves and sipping coconut water. The solitude of the beach treats you with various forms of nature. Also, it has an amazing vibe of luxury around it.

  • Tip, Lakshadweep

Located at the northern tip of one of the emerald isles of Lakshadweep, it is a perfect place to enjoy the warmth in the arms of the glorious nature. Concealed from the rush of tourists, it is a perfect place for enjoying swimming and sunbathing in the lap of soothing tropical waters.

  • Yarada, Andhra Pradesh

Surrounded by picturesque hills on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the fourth side, it is said to be one of the safest and cleanest beaches in India. A perfect holiday destination, its tranquility and isolation allows one to spend quality time with themselves and their loved ones in the calm zone of nature’s epitome of beauty. One can enjoy local delicacies on the beach and can also watch the multi-coloured crabs running and climbing up the rocks.

  • Gahirmatha, Orissa

Located among the Bhitarkanika mangroves and the Bay of Bengal, the beach is symbolic of nature’s glory and one of the most beautiful destinations in Orissa. This beach has been a shelter for adult sea turtles and their babies since a very long time. It is alluring and thrilling experience to watch these turtles crawl in and out of the deep blue sea.

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