Have you ever been cheated on? If yes, then you probably might have heard some of these excuses. A man who is cheating on you uses these excuses to try to get away with his escapades. And if you have not been cheated upon, read on to find out if he is cheating on you…

  • “I’m not into her, she’s interested in me”

It is not irrational of you to worry if your man talks to another girl all the time or keeps on meeting her often without any particular reason. You have all the right in the world to share your concerns and insecurities with him. He always has a standard response to your accusations, for instance, “I’m not interested in her. She is the one who likes me and keeps on talking to me. I can’t stop talking to her and come off as rude and mean”. Well, he is not exactly making it clear to her that she is just a friend to him and nothing more. You never know, something might be going on between them behind your back.


  • “You are always busy to spend time with me”

It might happen to you often that you find yourself caught up at work for longer periods and your man starts spending more and more time with his female friend. Upon asking he usually responds, “You are always busy at work. You have no time for me. I wanted to go out alone and she was willing to accompany me. It’s not my fault that I spent some time with my friend when you were busy at work”. Well, isn’t it weird that whenever you are caught up at work, she is always available to hang out with him?


  • “You are just overthinking”

This is undoubtedly the most common excuses of all times. Almost every man who is cheating on his girlfriend or wife uses this. They use the technique of gas lighting and shift the blame on their girlfriends or wives, blaming them for being too conservative and insecure. It isn’t conservative for wanting to be exclusive with your man. And being modern doesn’t mean it is okay for the man to flirt around with other women.


  • “We just met for coffee”

It doesn’t matter that you met for coffee or dinner. It’s not an issue if you meet women and not men. What matters is what your intentions were for meeting with her over coffee. The next time your man uses this excuse, just try and get to know what intentions he met her with.


  • “We are not having sex”

Sex isn’t the only thing that qualifies as cheating. Even if he is flirting with other women every now and then and chats with her very often for no important reason, that is also considered as being unfaithful to your partner.