5 Makeup Trends That Are Ruling 2021

By Ishita Bansal

2021 has been a surprising year for everyone but, makeup is something that no girl can ever get rid off. Whether you are someone who carries minimal makeup or you are someone who is a complete makeup freak, you must be having a beauty routine to follow for sure. Makeup is an art that every girl wants to learn about since childhood. From going on a house party to someone’s wedding, makeup is an essential element in a girl’s life. Every year comes with a new style statement and here are a few makeup trends that you must follow this year.  

  • Glittery Eyes 

Women of all ages should play with the eyes, especially at a time when masks cover up the whole face. Pop up your eyes by applying glittery eyeshadow and liner. This will make your eyes sparkle in a sassy way, after all, shimmer has been a constant hit since always! If not this, then you can make use of bright eyeshadow colours to complete the perfect summer look. 

  • Dark And Vibrant Lip Colour

Define your look in a bold way by carrying shades like red, purple or brown over your lips. The brighter the shades, the more confident you look. There is no reason to run away from this idea as it will take your minimal effort and get maximum impact in return. 

  • Over-the-Top Pink Blush 

Let your face glow with a shade of candy pink. Apply the blush on your cheeks and take it towards the eyelid to get the look. The peppy pink is going to give you a dreamy look.

  • Bushy Eyebrows 

Get away from the pain as a thick and natural look is the most famous trend. The bushy-brow look requires you to let the eyebrows grow completely. Once done, use an eyebrow pencil and shape it neatly at your home itself. The more grown it is, the better it looks! 

  • The No-Makeup Look

Here comes one of the favourite looks of almost every person! Let your originality win the heart of people by following the no-makeup trend. Just wash and moisturize your face and let your skin relax for a while. You can also use a face scrub to remove dead skin once a week.

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