5 Myths About Women Shoppers; Lets Bust Them

According to WIKIPEDIA “Shopping is an activity in which a customer browses the available good and services. And SHOPAHOLIC is a person who is addicted to shopping”. For women, shopping is not only going to the stores and buying things, but it’s an outing which includes fun time with family, friends or having food of famous joints of that particular market.

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But there are some myths about shopping-

MYTH- Shopping is the only way of spending a lot of money.

TRUTH- Today when vlogs and blogs are trending. People get encouraged for browsing new markets or hidden gems of certain cities. Through these vlogs and blogs, we get to know about cheap and nice products and markets. So shopping is not a way of spending money.

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MYTH- There is one more myth about shopping that only women are addicted to shopping. Like it is shown in the movies that women get crazy at the time of sale.

TRUTH- That’s not true, according to GERMAN research both men and women are shopaholics. Men are equal partners in crime with women in shopping. But they just blame women for doing so much shopping. In a comparison with women men have few options for shopping, on the other side women have so many options. Because firstly they love shopping and secondly, they don’t just shop for themselves. But also for their kids, house, and sometimes for their husbands (here those husbands are mentioned who are least interested in shopping).

For example, if there is a launch of a new iPhone then men will wait in a long queue for a long time. Because that interests them and that’s not called shopping according to men its a basic necessity. On the other side Women buying clothes or something for home is not a basic necessity.

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MYTH- Another one is if the woman will go for shopping, she will definitely buy something.

TRUTH- I mean, haven’t you heard the name of window shopping. Sometimes women want to have “ME” time only and not want to do actual shopping. When women are tired from their regular routines, what they want is just a me-time.

MYTH- Women do shopping blindly as shopping is a hobby for them

TRUTH- women do shopping with full senses and most of the time at sale.Because at the time of sale good brands are at low cost. Women can buy good things by saving lots of money.

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MYTH- Women who buy from brands instead of unbranded clothes will spend more unnecessarily.

TRUTH- The cost of branded and unbranded items are the same or maybe more from branded. Because these days when there is online everything brands are offering better things at lower prices.

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