5 Reasons Why Couples Eventually Stop Having Sex

Sex is a pleasurable and pleasant activity, and the world revolves around it, especially if you are freshly married. However, many couples quit doing it after a while. There are various reasons why this occurs, and it is fairly common. All of these may be readily addressed if you both put your heart into it. So here are 5 of those reasons that couples quit having sex that you can start working on right away.


A routine will certainly lead to boredom after a while. Even if sex becomes less frequent and occurs in a monotonous way each time, it loses its appeal.

Bad Hygiene

You will soon become disgusted if your spouse has poor hygiene. Taking for granted that once married, you can be anyone you want, including not taking a bath or keeping good oral hygiene, is the same as murdering your own sex life.

Conflict In Ideologies

If you have disputes all the time, it will eventually affect your sex life. You begin to feel resentment, and becoming intimate with him/her becomes difficult.

Unhappy With Their Own Body

When you are unhappy with your own physique and feel insecure about it, the desire to have sex decreases due to anxiety and self-imposed shame. One of the partners may experience an inferiority complex. This is especially true when one person is in good shape and the other is not.


When there is a lot of work stress or other circumstances that make you tense, it has a direct impact on your sex life. You get so weary that you have no desire to do anything. When you have children and the responsibilities are not divided, the stress multiplies threefold. You simply don’t have the energy to do anything else.

Sex is not just a pleasurable act that requires desire, it is equally important to keep the spark alive in a relationship. Consider these five reasons and take a look back in your relationship and try to solve any possible disputes to have a healthy sex life.

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