5 reasons why online dating hits offline relationships!

Ruhi had decided on her life partner and both were to seal this relationship soon. Till one of her friends suggested Ruhi have a look at the options available on a leading Dating App. This Dating App opened an unknown world of excitement in her. With each right swipe, she was finding a better option. She was chatting each day to a number of guys whom she found better than the one she had decided upon. Their pictures were attractive, work profiles mesmerizing and talks flattering. The time she spent online increased day by day and these chats kept her happy all day. She did not feel the need to connect to her real life partner. Ruhi eventually reduced her talks her real life partner, avoided meeting him and was not concerned about the happenings in his life. She did not even show a casual sympathy when he met with an accident. He realized something was amiss. One day he found her dating another guy whom she had met on the Dating App.

Their relationship was over.
After few months Ruhi tried to connect with him again for the new guy whom she was dating found a better option than her on the Dating App. But her Ex Boyfriend refused to accept her. Ruhi felt emotionally drained and started searching for another option on the Dating App. This was the vicious circle of Dating Apps she had fallen in. Why Ruhi jeopardized her serious offline relationship for the fantasy world she had entered? If you are new to these Dating Apps then you will suddenly feel a drastic change in yourself and your lifestyle.

You in real world said ‘yes’ to probably the first good choice you found and locked the relationship forever. You fell in true love as all ups and downs made your relationship stronger. If you are on a Dating App you will find your criteria of meeting a tall, handsome, rich and funny man filled by many. You have so much of choice that your mind will not be able to settle on one. Each time you swipe right and you will feel another Mr. Perfect is waiting for you.

You may match with not one or two but dozens in a day. And most men will flood your inbox with flattering, cute and lovely messages to start a chat. When so many men each day show interest to connect to you on a Dating App you definitely feel desired. While offline you may receive a glance here and there. What girls don’t understand is that most men here are not serious and can unmatch you anytime.

Just because you have matched with so many your phone keeps buzzing whole day which each man trying to connect to you. And trust me you will not be able to resist the desire to open and read the next cute message. So whether you are in an important office meeting, doing yoga, watching movie, spending quality time with your family and friends your mind will be occupied in the ‘who sent what message’. You won’t be able to connect completely with your offline relationships and work.

All the chats will ask you for a date. And because you do not want to lose a potential partner and impress him you start grooming yourself for the meet. And it’s not just a date with one man you have dozens of dates with different men lined up. Secondly, you are marketing yourself on a Dating App and fear no one will like you the way you are so you stop working internally and pay attention to your external details. Offline, your partner loves you more for the person you are. Thirdly, leading Dating App helps you find partner in your locality. So you never know whom you end up the meeting while strolling in the garden! You start feeling each man who looks at you has seen you on the Dating App or you have seen him somewhere.

In Indian society being on a Dating App is a taboo even if you intend to make good friends. It’s considered a sign of desperation and availability. People generally keep it a secret from their family and friends that they have enabled themselves on the App. So if your family figures you out on the Dating App be ready for some brick battings and your ‘good’ friends will get a topic of gossip. Each man they see you talking to will be considered your Date. Online dating will surely affect your offline relationships.


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