5 Reasons Why You Need a Pave Engagement Ring

You’ve probably seen a pavé engagement ring before, even if you didn’t know the proper name. The pavé design means the shank, or band of the ring, contains a row of delicate diamonds. In French, pavé means paved, which is very fitting, considering the shoulders of the ring appear to be “paved” with gems. 

These designs are dainty and feminine but most notably sparkly. A pavé setting is perfect for the bride who wants more glam and more diamonds for a luxurious look. Similarly, those who want to enhance the brilliance of their center diamond may also choose a pavé setting. Pavé rings are generally considered more glamorous and sophisticated than a simple solitaire ring with a plain band, making them ideal for couples who prefer to make a statement with their romantic jewelry. 

Unmatched Brilliance and Sparkle

Minimalist rings can be beautifully understated. However, they don’t provide maximum sparkle like a pavé engagement ring. A band set with glittering diamonds helps optimize the center diamond’s brilliance while adding an eye-catching display of light to the ring overall. Your ring will provide dazzle from every angle instead of only when viewing the center diamond straight on. 

Speaking of your central stone, a pavé setting is perfect for creating the illusion of a larger diamond. The closely set small diamonds frame the diamond you chose as a focal point, and when placed near it, help to make your center stone look more impressive. The exquisite pavé setting offers a bride all-over shimmer for a ring that can’t be easily overlooked. 

Versatile and Customizable Designs

Pavé often only applies to the band of your ring, meaning you shouldn’t feel limited with your design options. It suits many styles, such as solitaires, halos, and intricate personalized patterns. Couples who desire customization can still do so with a pavé setting by choosing different metal types or diamond shapes or adding colored gemstones. 

You may be surprised to learn that pavé itself comes in different styles. Micro pavé features very tiny diamonds, so small that they almost look like a solid row of gems. Alternatively, petite pavé uses slightly larger diamonds. It sets each in with delicate prongs that let each diamond appear individually beautiful. French pavé takes it even further, setting the diamond into an intricate V-shaped indentation in the band. You can choose any of these features to make your special ring even more unique! 

Enhanced Finger Coverage and Illusion of Size

If you want to enhance the overall look of your ring without splurging on a massive center stone, pavé can be an excellent alternative. The row of diamonds on either side of your center diamond makes it look bigger, more captivating, and sparklier. Additionally, it helps create the illusion of a larger and more extravagant ring overall. The opposite of minimalist, pavé lab diamond engagement rings can be a way to make your ring look positively opulent while still being affordable. 

Timeless Elegance and Classic Appeal

Pavé rings have been around for quite a while and have become a timeless symbol of elegance. They’re fit for a traditional bride with a classic taste but prefer more brilliance and glam than standard solitaires. A pavé ring proves you can have the best of both worlds, traditional and trendy! 

Symbol of Extravagance and Luxury

As you may have deduced, pave engagement rings are often associated with luxury, prestige, and a sense of opulence. You don’t need to spend a fortune on diamonds. Still, a pavé setting that minimizes the appearance of metal and maximizes the shine can make it look like you went all-out with your ring purchase. 

The intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail further elevate this gorgeous ring. The intricacy and dazzle of the ring are a perfect reflection of your refined taste. 

Many Couples Prefer Pavé 

Breath-taking, eye-catching, and the ideal combination of classic and contemporary, an elegant pavé ring is sure to turn heads. Even though they have unmatched brilliance, they’re still highly customizable and versatile enough to work with numerous designs. If you want your ring to reflect your luxurious taste by enhancing the brilliance and size of your chosen central diamond, then a pavé ring is a must!