5 SHOCKING facts about Bigg Boss 11, the reality behind Alcohol-Contract-Weekend Ka Vaar

One of the biggest reality shows in India, Bigg Boss gives us our daily dose of drama and entertainment. This season again has the commoners vs the celebrities and with every single day passing by, we are actually getting to see contestants all geared up for the final win. While all the viewers take it as a reality show in real, not many know that everything is not actually real on the show. Yes, the show isn’t 100% genuine. Contestants are actually given instructions according to which they need to behave inside the house. Here are some unknown shocking facts about the Bigg Boss show:

– As per the contract, if a contestant wants to leave the show in the middle, they will need to pay penalty money to the makers. The contestant who wins the show needs to do another show with the channel and can’t sign any other project for a few months.

– When do you think Salman Khan shoots for Weekend Ka Vaar? It actually depends on Salman’s schedule. He comes to Lonavala for a day and shoots for both the episodes on one day. The contestants change their clothes and act like it’s a new day.

– Now this one is really shocking! As per reports, housemates get to drink alcohol inside the house and this is served to them in juice bottles.

– However, when it comes to food, the housemates are given a fixed amount of ration. If they waste it, they have to survive without basic ingredients like salt.

– Any intimate scene inside the Bigg Boss house is chopped because the show is aired on national television. Whatever is shown on TV is used to get TRPs.

We believe there is much more to this game than we can actually see. This season, it is getting tougher for each contestant to survive through as everyone is prepped up for the final win!


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