5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your BFF

Friendship should be all about trust and support. Let’s jump to the deeper meaning of friendship. A friend is someone who helps you grow in every aspect of your life and does everything it takes to bring a smile on your face. However, situations can turn out to be painfully unexpected, you may start to see that your friend no longer is good to you. Here are the signs that states it is time to break old ties of bond and friendship with your best friend.

1. Your friend has a negative attitude towards everything you do
If you are doing something that serves your life in a positive way but your friend doesn’t feel happy about it, then it is time to kick out the toxicity from your life. Isn’t it obvious that someone who hates seeing you succeed in life doesn’t deserve the attention? If she showers negative comments, makes you feel bad and try to get you into quitting, then you should really dig deep to understand if he or she is actually your true friend or not.

2. He/She is jealous instead of supportive
If you tell your friend about something that you just got from the store or tell them that you got selected in an interview, he or she should praise you. If you could see the tension on your friend’s face, then you know when to pull the plug.


3. She/he is manipulative
If your friend tricks you into buying food for them or spend money on them for something they need, it is a sign. There are times when your bud takes your name to cover up his or her faults and let the blame be on you. This could be quite upsetting and unfair. Your friendship should know what is right and what is wrong.

4. Your friend is around you only when they need something
Remember the new shirt you just got? If your friend doesn’t talk to you that much but is only around when they need to borrow your clothes, then it is underwhelming. If your pal doesn’t hangout with you and turns up to you when her/his friends avoid the company, it is disappointing.

5. She/He is revengeful

If you do something mistakenly, and she/he wants to harm you in return, then it could be suffocating. It hurts to see how far they can go to let you down. Vengeance can never be good for friendship. If your friend is always eager for revenge, have courage to move on away from your old pal.

If they fail to make a positive impact on you, then why are you even tolerating your so called ‘’friend’’?


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