5 signs which indicates that your partner is not interested in you anymore…

Being in a relationship is what most of us enjoy these days but you cannot deny the fact that as the relationship gets old you start thinking that why are you in a relationship? And let me tell you if this thought is strolling in your mind again and again then there are reasons. If you are not enjoying the happiness of being in a relationship then trust me, you are on wrong track. But wait, now the question is how you are going to track that your relationship is not the same as it was used to be earlier.

Here are the 5 signs:

Fading romance

There was a time when your love tried to make every single effort to steal the moment and make it romantic. From taking you to the dinner dates to organizing small little surprises for you, your partner did all those tiny things just to create that romantic moment and to live it fully with you. But now if your relationship is all about getting physical and if it’s not about creating romantic memories so my dear it’s time to wake up.

You are not the priority anymore

From instantly turning WhatsApp ticks into blue till to wait for them to get a turn for hours, from getting 10 calls a day, receiving 1 call, from hanging out with you every weekend to hanging out with friends, from initiating to make a plan to ditching your plan at last moment. All these are the alarm clock for you and a clear sign that your partner is losing interest in you.


No more future talk

I want to grow old with you, want to make breakfast for you, we’ll have kids with these names… you are going to be my queen soon and I will be the king of our princess. These kind of cheesy talks are not their cup of tea anymore? They are not anymore interested to introduce you with their family then he is not going to be your future anymore.

No concern about your life.

No more questions about your late night parties? With who you were hanging out last night is not their concern anymore? He is not interested in your professional or personal life? Not even your love care about your emotional, mental state then dear it’s time to give a second thought.

Annoyed 24*7?

Every couple fights and argues and as far as they reconcile and patch up, nothing major can shake their boat. But of late, your partner seems to be irritated with you round the clock. Whether it is your fault or not, they are constantly annoyed and even behave rudely at times. Rather than confessing the issue that has been bothering them, they prefer to keep mum and pinpoint loopholes in every little thing.





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