5 Strange Reasons Of How Social Media Is Impacting Your Relationship; Checkout!

‘Relationships’ are not an easy deal in today’s time where people prefer more of casual things. Earlier, minority of youngsters used to be in relationships, but now being in one is so common. Earlier, many people used to maintain privacy and form two-way circle for maintaining a healthy relationship. Now a days, things have changed a lot with emergence of social media. Its the harsh reality but its true that social media has glamourised the concept of relationship too much. So here are five strange reasons, why social media is negatively affecting relationships these days.

Private issues getting public

Now a days, people are very much dependent on social media for expressing their emotions. The dependency is to such an extent, that they forget about having friends and family for ‘thought sharing’. Couples in a romantic relationship, have fights and issues which is very common.

The problem begins when they post Instagram stories with quotes expressing their present situation with their partner. They forget that posting such content is not going to improve their grudges, but it is surely going to provide some interesting content to the viewers. Instead of doing these attention seeking things, sit and sort things out with your partner and stop involving your Instagram followers in your personal issues!

Getting influenced by ‘happy couple’ posts

Many couples love to flaunt their lovey-dovey romantic pictures on social media, setting unrealistic goals for others. Couples who prefer simplicity, get influenced with those pictures and start comparing their relationship with others.

Its important to understand, that no couple is going to upload a video of them arguing or fighting. People post only 5% of their lives on social media, so stop comparing your relationship with them. Arguments and disagreements are very common in relationships, so choose to embrace it!

The concept of ‘blocking’

Today’s generation prefers ‘blocking’ when it comes to solving issues. The concept of blocking is very unhealthy in relationships, as it creates a barrier in communication. A fight could be resolved on the spot, but blocking delays it, making the situation even worse. Instead of blocking each other, resolve the issues immediately without staying angry for too long!

Say no to advices from online friends

Since the relationship exists only between two people, try to solve it within two people. Involving more people is equal to involving more opinions leading to disagreements. Most of all, taking advices from online friends you have not met in real life, is the worse you can do. Online friends don’t know the real you and real problems that exist in your life. So rather than listening to them, take advice from close ones and prefer to form two-way circle with your partner.