Easy Tricks Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening; Check It Out

If you want to brighten your smile you don’t necessarily have to spend millions on special chemical whitening products. There are plenty of ways to naturally whiten your teeth. Certain fruits and vegetables are good for that, and we’re pretty sure you have most of the needed things in your cupboard to whiten your teeth naturally.

When it comes to DIY teeth whitening you have a few options. Probably the simplest and easiest one is oil pulling. You can use any type of cooking oil, but coconut oil is very popular because it has a nice taste. All you do is take a bit of oil in your mouth and swoosh it around in your mouth for a minute. Another DIY thing that can help whiten your teeth is to brush them with a paste made out of water and baking soda. It’s naturally whitening and because it’s abrasive it’ll really clean your teeth. Eating strawberries is said to help with teeth whitening too.

If you choose to get your teeth whitened professionally or even with at-home kits, you should know that the result is not permanent. It can last from a couple of months up to 3 years depending on your upkeep and what kind of food and drinks you have. Coffee, tea, and red wine can stain your teeth really quickly, so you will generally be advised to not drink those after whitening your teeth.

When you get your teeth whitened you are advised to avoid eating and drinking stuff that could stain your teeth for at least 48 hours. But what can you eat? Well, a lot of white and beige things. You can eat dairy products, white fruits and vegetables like bananas, apples, potatoes, cauliflower, etc. You can eat pasta, but stay away from tomato sauce and choose a white sauce. When it comes to drinks it’s best to stick to water, you can also have white or green tea, apple juice, white wine.

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