5 Types of People to Be Friends With

Friends are those gems of life that shine and brighten our lives with their warmth, love and care. They share everything with us. Our happiness, our sorrows, our doubts, our insecurities and even our food. They are great to be around as they make the journey of life easier just by giving us company in good and bad times.

Here are 5 types of people we all must be friends with:

1. The one who is grounded

We all should have that one friend who keeps our feet on the ground. And that doesn’t mean literally. At times when you get ahead of yourself or a minor success gets to your head, they are the ones who bring you back to the humble ground and keep you grounded. They are the ones who make you feel good and confident about yourself without letting you act all high and mighty.


2. The one who is a problem solver

These are the kinds of friends who are your saviours in the most difficult times. They can make your problems and doubts disappear by just talking to you and giving you some real advice. They know you inside out. Hence, they can solve all your issues in minutes.


3. The one who never gives up

There are certain people in your life who are so strong-willed and determined to achieve what they dream of, that they are your real-life heroes. And you can’t help but feel inspired by them. They never give up. Doesn’t matter how difficult the circumstances are.


4. The one who is ambitious

The people who are ambitious and passionate about what they do and are compassionate of others are the real salt of the earth. These are the type of people you should surround yourself with. It is because of the gold-hearted people like them that you feel like life is worth living.


5. The one who has a good humour

Life is all about ups and downs. There are certain times in our lives when going gets tough and we often lose positivity and vision. In such times of hardships, our friends with the funny bone come to our rescue. They may not necessarily make our problems go away but they do help us cope with tough times with their light-hearted sense of humour.



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