5 ways to Break up with someone in a nice way

Breaking up with someone you love is no way less than hurting your own self. There is so no good or bad way to it. Nothing can make up for it. But still the way you break out the news to him or the place where you tell him that you are planning to break off matters. It is always a little hard for the one who is going to stay rather than the one who is going to go. It can never be easy to tell your guy that you are breaking up with him but these points might make it a little less difficult for you.

1, Talk in Person:

As said there is no best way to break up but breaking this news in person makes it easy for the other partner. Yes, telling him your decision over phone or text seems easy but the former one is the decent option to opt for.

2, choose a location:

You might not want to tell him this in a place full of other persons. In the public place he might feel ashamed to let all his feelings out. Whereas in a place where it’s just you both you might also get a chance to solve all the misunderstandings and leave with no grudges.

3, stick to your decision:

If it’s final from your side, stay on your words and stick to them. Most of the times the couple getting off the track try to be friends after the break up. My call? It’s the worst thing to do. If you’re getting off the hook, detach wholly and not partially.

4, listen to his side of the story:

It was you both who took a decision to come into the relationship so it has to be both of you if one wants to come out of it. For sure it’s totally your call if you want to break up or not but at least listen to what he has to say for it, listen to his side of the story.

5, once decision is made, build the walls:

Once you have arrived at a point where you decide your part your ways, set some boundaries for that person. It’s obvious that what all you felt for that persons can’t be undone all at once. That love, care and admiration needs its own time. Sometimes you would just feel to give him a call or drop him a text but don’t. try engaging yourself with something else for your own betterment.


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