50-Year-Old Elon Musk Is Dating 27-Year-Old Australian Actress; Already Divorced 3 Women

The world’s richest man and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken a new lease of life. However, recently, Musk was found cross-dressing with a masked woman. The British media has found out who she is.

Elon Musk was seen landing with a young woman on his private jet in Los Angeles. The young woman, wearing a long coat and black glasses, tried to cross her face as the cameras appeared. She covered her face and quickly received runs from there. Following her, Musk also ran towards the car. At this moment, the Daily Mail magazine concluded that she is the Australian actress Natasha Bassett with Musk.

Natasha Bassett, 27, was born and raised in Sydney. She started her acting career at the age of 14. She went to New York in 2019 to follow her passion for acting. Not just an actress, She is also known as an animal protection activist and a global warming activist. Meanwhile, a media house interviewed Natasha when the photos of the two came out. She revealed that she did not love Musk looking at the bank balance, but liked his intelligence. They both met at an event and then became good friends. After Musk divorced Grimes, the two fell in love.

Elon musk with Justine Wilson and son

Musk, who has dated many people in the past, firstly married Canadian author Justin Wilson in 2000. They both gave birth to a baby boy but he died ten weeks later due to Infant Death Syndrome. The couple then had twins in 2004 and triplets through IVF in 2006.

He divorced her after eight years and dated British actress Talulah Riley. He married Riley in 2010. He then remarried Riley the following year, eventually divorced Riley in 2016 as well.

After that, he became famous and spent some time dating celebrities with money. In 2017, he was rumoured to have been dating actress Amber Heard for a while. Amber’s ex-husband Johnny Depp claimed the allegations were true. Both Musk and Hurd, however, have denied the allegations.

After that, Musk dated Canadian singer Grimes (Claire Boucher) in 2018. In May 2020, the couple had a son (Elon Musk’s seventh child). Since then, the couple has been caught on camera several times chasing their son. However, now that the two have decided to separate, it is reported that the two want to meet the responsibility of the son.




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