6 Benefit Of Argan Oil For Daily Use ; Read To Find Out

Argan oil comes from argan tree nuts. This Moroccan argan tree extract is a boon for both skin and hair. ‘Liquid Gold’ is another name for this wonder oil. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, antioxidants, Vitamin A and E. Moreover the best thing about the oil is its non-sticky nature.


It is a ‘Miracle” on your skin and hair.

  1. NOURISHES SKIN– Argan oil nourishes the skin retaining the moisture content of the skin. It has the highest hydrating and absorbing property. It is your daily moisturiser. Just, use 1-2 drops of the oil regularly, wait for the miracle. You will be surprised to see the result.

  2. ANTI-AGEING PRODUCT– It is an ideal anti-ageing product. Its antioxidant property protects the skin’s elasticity. It is an excellent anti-ageing serum. A few drops of this miracle product before bedtime at night can delay premature ageing.

  3. DEALS WITH ALL SKIN PROBLEMS– Acne, Eczema, psoriasis and a lot of annoying skin problems have one solution- ARGAN OIL. Argan oil helps to reduce the sebum level of the skin. High linoleic acid in argan oil helps in reducing skin inflammation and heals damaged skin. Instant dabbing of argan oil on the problem area can give extra relief.                           

  4. ANTIVIRAL & ANTIFUNGAL USE– Argan oil along with Tea tree oil can act as both anti-viral and antifungal. Tea tree oil is rich in anti-oxidant, antifungal and antiviral properties.                                       

  5. CONTROLS FRIZZY HAIR– Applying Argan oil to the scalp and locks work as an excellent conditioner. Its non-greasy nature makes it perfect user-friendly. It will also take care of split end and protect hair from heat damage by the use of various styling tools.         

  6. NO WHINE, ONLY SHINE– due to pollution, health, lifestyle changes, hormonal change, our hair tends to lose its shine. We can restore the shine by using a few drops of argan oil in our scalp and full-length hair till the ends. Therefore, doing this routine twice a week will help in strengthening our hair along with making it healthy, silky, soft and shiny.


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