6 Ex Couples Who Are Amazing Friends Even After Divorce!

Goodbyes are hard and separations are bitter; say no more! It is quite common to hear about cold wars between ex-couples in Bollywood but surprisingly a lot of celebs are setting examples by continuing their friendship even after divorce. After all, end of a relationship doesn’t mean the friendship is also over.

Following are 6 ex-couples who are great friends even after divorce, or say, 6 pairs of great friends who were once married!

1. Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan: This couple broke many hearts when they announced separation and end of their 14-years-long marriage for the reasons best known to them. But it is very heartening to see how these two have been by each other’s side even after divorce. Hrithik and Suzanne still party together and go on family holidays. They also ensure to be together on each other’s special days like birthday. Not just that, Hrithik till date has amazing relationships with Suzanne’s family which seems to be growing stronger with each passing year.

When Hrithik was embroiled in Kangana controversy! Suzanne firmly supported her ex-hubby! Only a friend would do that, isn’t it?

2. Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin: Anurag brought Kalki in the world of films with Dev D. Two years after the film’s release, the two tied the knot. But four years after marriage, they parted ways. However, apart from their marital status, not much has changed between two. They continue to be great friends and admire each other. Their latest interview for Film Companion is just a definitive proof of that!

3. Malaika and Arbaaz Khan: Two years of dating and 18 years of marriage, Arbaaz and Malaika were together for two decades! Their announcement of separation obviously came out as massive shock for everyone. But there’s a reason they made it to this list!

Vacations, parties, family functions or festivals – there’s nothing this ex-couple doesn’t do after divorce.

4. Raghu Ram and Sugandha: The latest ones to get divorced and remain friends forever, Raghu and Sugandha officially introduced ‘Divorce Goals’ to us! This badass couple took it to Instagram and shared picture of their wedding day and divorce day.

These two had a 12-year long marriage but the couple prioritised their friendship and chose to part ways.

5. Aamir Khan and Reena Datta: Aamir Khan got married to Reena Datta n 1986. Theirs was a happy marriage which lasted till 2002 as Aamir then got involved with Kiran Rao, his present wife. But Aamir never let anything strain his ties with Reena.

Reena is a staple face at Aamir’s family functions and shares an amicable bond with him.

6. Konkona Sen and Ranvir Shorey: We saved the best ones for the last! This couple has been breaking stereotypes forever. They made a beautiful example of gender equality in a marriage. Ranvir took care of their son Haroon at home while Konkona went out for work.

After getting divorced in 2015, they both co-parent their son and continue to remain amazing friends. They recently worked together in Konkona’s direcorial debut A Death In The Gunj in which Ranvir was a part of the star cast.

Endings could be this mature, we never knew!


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