6 Health Facts You Need to Know

What personal goals do you have concerning health? Do you want to gain muscle and become stronger? Do you hope to increase your endurance with aerobic exercises? Are you hoping to eat healthier so that your cells receive more key nutrients? Will you try to focus more on your mental health and set aside time for yourself during the week?

Your health journey will be full of questions from beginning to end, and everyone seems to have their own opinions about what habits work and don’t work. But you are a unique individual with unique needs. Your body and mind may respond to certain habit changes very differently when compared to others. The key to pursuing better wellness is understanding what behaviors work for you and what your goals are.

However, this is not to say that there are some general facts about health that are true for everyone. Certain behaviors that you are engaged in could be hurting your well-being without you realizing it, while other habits that are easy to implement could improve your wellness immediately. Here are six health facts that you need to know about your wellness. 

Spending Long Hours Inside is Destroying You

It is scientifically proven that time spent outdoors is good for your physical and mental health. With so many people spending long days inside while at work and then going home to relax, they are missing out on this very beneficial practice. Humans need sunlight and fresh air to maintain health and improve their moods. If you are spending most of your day inside, then you need to start adding some outdoor time to your routine to experience the benefits of nature.

Drinking Alcohol Too Much Affects Your Brain

Even if you moderate your drinking to the point where you are not putting a strain on your liver or other body systems as they neutralize the threat, the amount of alcohol you drink could be causing brain shrinkage. Though brain shrinkage is a natural part of aging, the process will be sped up if you are drinking just a glass each day, even though your body can process this amount quickly. If you want to avoid cognitive decline as you get older, it may be time to reduce how often you are drinking.

Dietary Supplements are NOT a Substitute for Balanced Eating

This myth is particularly dangerous, especially since the FDA does not regulate the accuracy of labeling claims that supplement companies make. Many individuals use supplements to make up for gaps in their nutrition, but this is resulting in poor levels of vitamins and minerals entering their body. Food will always be the superior method for consuming nutrients to supply your cells. Supplements can provide additional vitamins and minerals that support vibrant health rather than provide it. Stop using supplements to cover missing food groups in your dietary habits.

Hot Showers are Damaging Your Skin

We all know the pleasure of taking a hot shower on a very cold day. What you may not know, however, is that hot water exposure is taking its toll on your skin. The skin contains natural oils that help keep it moisturized and serve as an effective barrier against foreign agents entering the body. Exposure to extreme temperatures strips the skin of these oils, causing dry patches and less protection from outside elements. Turn the temperature down to lukewarm to preserve the condition of your skin.

Hobbies Help You Live Longer

Hobbies are great activities because they can engage your mind and your body in an exciting way. Whether you enjoy playing sports, collecting novelties, doing puzzles, creating woodwork, or working on cars, these activities are maintaining your mental health. The older you get, the more important hobbies become in strengthening your mental fortitude and keeping you healthy for years to come. Don’t neglect time spent engaging in the things that you love during your busy schedule.

Laughing is Good for Your Heart

The more joy you experience in life, the longer you may live. Laughing is good for your heart, so don’t hold it in when you feel the urge. It increases blood flow, brings in higher levels of oxygen for your blood, and reduces the number of stress hormones that are being released. These effects make you less likely to experience heart disease, weight gain, and high blood pressure. Laugh as much as you can because it is only a positive thing for your overall health. Plus, life is more fun when you can experience joy easily.

What Else Don’t You Know About Health?

Obviously, there is a long list of things you don’t know. How you decide to pursue better health is entirely up to you, and the journey looks different for everyone. But it is important to understand how your habits will affect your health. Don’t just assume that a certain behavior will help or hurt your wellness, or even have no effect at all on your health. As you lay out your goals, research the best ways to achieve them and make sure that what you are doing will bring you closer to those milestones.