6 Mistakes that all women make while kissing their partner

By admin

January 23, 2018

While women are told to be flawless kissers, but they too make mistakes, especially when it is their first time. No matter how hard they try to make it all special during their first kiss, they still end up committing some or the other mistake. And not just the first time, even after kissing a thousand times, they repeat the same mistake over and over.

It might not be a problem if you commit a mistake once, but if you commit the same mistake every other time, then it would definitely piss your partner off and kill the mood. So, if you too think that you need to get your kissing game right, try not to make these mistakes while kissing. This way you’ll not end up disappointing your partner, and your kiss would be as special as you expected it to be.

Here is a list of a few mistakes that most of the women make while kissing their partner. Scroll down to know which one you are making:

1) Using too much tongue

While it is okay to make use of your tongue when you are kissing your partner, but getting too aggressive may not be a good idea. Take it easy and go with the flow. Don’t jump on your partner like a hungry dog.

2) Trying the old technique all the time

If someone makes you eat the same food over and over for a week, won’t you get tired and bored of eating it? Yes, you definitely will! Similarly, if you won’t try anything different while kissing your partner, he’ll probably get bored of it too. So, if you don’t want that to happen, try some quirky ways to amp up your romance game with your partner.

3) Dry lips

Dry lips are a big turn off. No guy would like to kiss you if you would reach out to him with those super-flaky and dry lips. So before you go ahead with it, freshen up yourself and apply some lip balm on your lips to make it seem soft and smooth later.

4) Not using your hands at all

When you kiss your partner, it is not just your mouth and lips that should go in sync. Your hands too should go in sync. Don’t just let your hands remain at your sides, while you are kissing him. Try grabbing him closer to you with the help of your hands or place your hands on his chest or run your hands through his hair, while you are kissing him. This would emote that you are enjoying the kiss.

5) Not pausing to breathe

Forgetting everything else while kissing your partner is okay but forgetting to even pause when it is time for you to breathe is not okay. This would only make you lose your consciousness some day. So, before that day comes, learn how to take the pause. Also, if you think that your partner would feel bad if you push him back to breathe, talk to him about it. We are sure that he would understand.

6) Bad breath

Just the way you don’t like it when guys are all sweaty and smelly, guys too don’t like it when girls smell bad. You should always watch out what you eat when you know that you’re inviting him over at your place. You obviously can’t expect him to stand anywhere close to you when you have loaded your mouth with garlic just before he came in. And even if you have committed this blunder, make sure that you make use of a mouth freshener before you head to kiss him.