Salman Khan is the bhaijaan of Bollywood not without any reason. The star is known for his riches and has given a number of hits to become one of the top grossing stars in Bollywood today. However, this star is known to possess a number of expensive items that make him one of the richest. Here’s a list.


  • Gorai Beach home

Salman owns a gorgeous 5 BHK beach home in Mumbai, which he bought on his 51st birthday. The insane property is spread across 100 acres and has a gym, a big swimming pool, a theatre, and the sea-facing bungalow also reportedly has a dirt bike arena for some more fun. As per reports, this cost him close to an Rs 100-crore hole in his pocket.


  • Private Yacht

Obviously, all the jet set getaways to Alibaug and travelling to their beach homes require a wonderful private yacht by the Khan family. Reportedly, Salman and his bhais have a yacht which cost him a whopping Rs 3 crore.


  • Super Expensive Bikes

Not just John Abraham but Salman Khan too is a huge motorbike freak. He owns four top-notch motorbikes that are a dream of every man. The four expensive bikes owned by Salman Khan include a Suzuki Hayabusa (Rs 15 lakh), a Yamaha R1 (Rs 15.6 lakh), a Suzuki GSX-R 1000Z (Rs 16 lakh) and Suzuki Intruder M1800 RZ (Rs 16 lakh).


  • Crazy Cars

Not just expensive bikes, Salman Khan also owns a whole lot of luxury cars ranging from plush sedans to sport SUVs. His collection of a total of 9 fancy cars includes- a Mercedes Benz GL Class (Rs 80 lakh), a Mercedes Benz S Class (Rs 82 lakh), an Audi A8 L (Rs 1.13 crore), a BMW X6 (Rs 1.15 crore), a Toyota Land Cruiser (Rs 1.29 crore), an Audi RS7 (Rs 1.4 crore), a Range Rover (Rs 2.06 crore), an Audi R8 (Rs 2.31 crore) and a Lexus LX470 (Rs 2.32 crore).


  • Panvel Farmhouse

The superstar owns a massive farmhouse in Panvel that comprises 3 bungalows, a gym, a swimming pool, a designated space for domestic animals and 5 horses! Bhaijaan and his family members visit the property frequently as and when they are in a mood for a quick and short break! This gigantic property owned by Salman Khan costs a whopping Rs 80 crore!


  • Galaxy Apartment

Galaxy Apartments, where Salman Khan’s primary residential property is located, is one of the poshest areas of Mumbai. At the moment, the value of Salman Khan’s apartment is close to Rs 16 crore!