6 Signs He Only Likes You As A Friend

There are times when you feel puzzled if the guy is actually interested in you or is just looking forward to a good friendship. Friendships and relationships can be quite complicated. Friendzone needs to have a clear image. We all have been to a place where we wonder if the guy we met at the party wants something more than friends. So, let us make life easier by figuring out if someone has friend zoned you or not.

1. Calls you ‘’bro’’
Men are complicated creatures. But we surely tend to learn the trick to read their minds. If he refers to you as ‘’bud’’ or ‘’bro’’, it means that he doesn’t think about anything more than friendship with you. It is quite a comfortable situation for him where you two can be amazing buddies.

2. Never flirts
Of course! If a guy is interested in you, he will flirt. Even if he says one line to catch your interest, then it is flirting. He will pay a little more attention to you if he wants to be more than friends. If it has never happened between the two of you, consider it as a possibility that he only sees you as a friend.

3. He tells you about the girls he is dating
If he shares about his relationships and the girls that he meet, it is pretty obvious that you are just a friend to him. He is not into you if he tells you about the relationship spice in his life.

4. He asks you to set him up
We all know how friends misuse the power of friendship and want to meet girls through their friends. In a nutshell, if he asks you to find a girl for him or asks for suggestion, then his eyes are not on you.

5. He maintains a distance
If a guy has a crush on you, he will make the first move. He would slightly touch your hand or get his arms around your shoulder. That is how relationship starts. So, look for the sign!

6. He talks about your life
If he wants to know about your hobbies, your plans, your worries and funny stories, then he doesn’t want to be ‘’just friends’’. You will know if he likes you when he tries to dig deep into your life and mind.


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