6 Signs that a shy guy likes you

Guys are as much confusing as girls when it comes to emotions. And when it’s a shy guy, it’s impossible to decipher them. The shy guy in today’s time is difficult to find and precious to keep. Expressing their feelings and emotions towards someone they love is the hardest nut to crack for them. They live in a closed shell and rarely open up about their feelings. Especially when it comes to love, they go for traditional ways of wooing a girl. So, here are the six signs to figure out whether a shy guy likes you or not.


1. He admires you from a distance

He might be admiring you when you are having a conversation with your colleagues or friends, but when you look at his way, he will break the eye-contact and pretends to look anywhere. He doesn’t have the audacity to confront his feelings face to face with you. Confrontation isn’t his forte. He is afraid of being rejected or judged by someone he loves. He might suppress his feelings in his heart, but his eyes will tell what he is going through.

2. He seems nervous and clumsy around you

This can happen to every guy, as they behave differently than they normally do with the girl they like. His nervousness can be seen in his body language. He starts to stutter, avoids eye-contact when you are talking to him, snappy answers, and so on. All the signs of awkwardness and nervousness can be seen in him, which will make you feel clumsy. It’s not his fault in this, as even the bravest man can get nervous around their crush.

3. He seems to be everywhere

He seems to be hovering around you. This might be a hint that he must be trying to give to you. He might be living in the other direction but still he would walk distances for you. He can be seen at the places you hang out at whether it’s a library, café, or the street you live in, just to get noticed by you.

4. His friends’ behavior when you are around

This might be a childish thing to do, but still we all do this. His friends must be aware about his feelings and this can be seen in their behavior towards him when you pass by. They might start coughing, calling out his name, giving him a pat on his back and so on.


5. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys

He might get annoyed when you talk to other guys and this can be seen in his body language. The reason behind this is that he is very protective of you and he feels insecure of losing you or hurting you.

6. He treats you differently in comparison to others

If his behavior is different towards you in comparison to other women, he might be interested in you. He will go out of his ways to help you and will do everything extra to win your heart. Whether it’s been extra nice or extra quiet, his behavior is evident of his feelings.


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