6 wedding lessons you all MUST learn from Virat-Anushka’s wedding!

Even though Virat and Anushka have concluded their wedding celebrations, it is hard for us to get over their dreamy wedding anytime soon. From their regal Sabyasachi ensembles to the venue to their photographs – we are awestruck with each and every aspect of their wedding. And this hangover is here to stay! Same must be the case with you, we are sure!

‘The Wedding Of The Year 2017’ has literally set MAJOR goals and it is time that you take some inspiration from them and make your D-day the best day of your life.

1. Make it an intimate affair: Make your D-day special in true essence by just inviting only the closest people on your wedding. You can host a reception for the world but inviting everyone on the wedding makes no sense. Virat and Anushka married in front of 44 people who meant the most to them and it was just a brilliant idea. The crowd anyway comes for free food!

So keep it an intimate affair with only few people around who will leave no stone unturned to make you feel special.

2. Don’t be shy: Gone are the days when bride and the bridegroom had to steal glances and act shy on their wedding. Virat and Anushka’s heartwarming long hug after exchanging rings says it all! Don’t be shy my honey, break stereotypes and just let your emotions flow. It is your own wedding and it happens only once (mostly).

3. Day-weddings rock: Okay, so there is this trend which has become quite popular among celebrities, i.e. to hold the wedding during the day. Virat and Anushka too held their wedding in Tuscany in the day-time and as a result, their pictures came out brilliant. However, make sure it doesn’t happen during summers. You won’t want to ruin your make-up with sweat! 😛 Choose a rather cloudy and breezy day, just like Virushka did! Also, night wedding are too exhausting. Aren’t they?

4. Pastel is the new red: Indian weddings are no more about the bride wearing a red lehenga! Modern brides are experimenting like never before. Anushka set a classic examply by not going too bright. She kept her wedding look subtle and elegant in a pastel-hued lehenga.

5. Don’t overdo make-up: Anushka Sharma made a gorgeous bride because she looked like her real self. Unlike most brides, she didn’t opt for heavy make-up!. Heavy make-up and contouring completely changes the face, so much that the brides do not even look like themselves. And, that shouldn’t be the case. Use make-up to enhance your look but not to completely change it!

6. Invest in a good photographer: It certainly won’t be wrong to say that weddings are all about photographs these days! One of the best thing of Virushka wedding was the pictures! Our heart pumped and it was hard to look away from their jaw-droppingly beautiful photographs! So, you too should (if budget allows) invest in a good photographer.

Don’t underestimate the power of photographs! They stay with you forever. <3

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