7 Best Birthday Cake Ideas For Girls

Birthdays come once in a year, and therefore it deserves a big celebration filled with beautiful moments with loved ones and a delicious birthday cake that you have ever wished to cut. Isn’t it? So, to help you out in finding the best birthday cake for the special girls in your life, this article suggests you a list of seven best birthday cake ideas that are sure to be loved by them.

Rainbow Cake


A birthday becomes more memorable in the presence of a delicious cake that can leave the birthday person surprised. Right? So, if you want to surprise a girl with a delicious cake that can win her heart, go for a rainbow cake. So, basically, a rainbow consists of seven colourful layers of mushy cake and cream cheese frosting.



Hidden Surprise Cake

If you have someone special in your life and you want to make him special on her birthday with a delicious cake for her then, you can go with the hidden surprise cake idea. Well, a hidden surprise cake has a surprise is hidden inside for the birthday person. As the birthday person cuts the cut, the surprise comes out the cake.

Makeup Fondant Cake

Now, if you know someone who is a makeup artist or a girl who loves makeup then, you can dedicate a makeup fondant cake to her on her birthday. Generally, a makeup fondant cake is adorned with fondant made lipsticks, nail paints and all other sorts of makeup product. Therefore, it makes an interesting cake idea for those who love doing makeups.

Barbie Cake

A Barbie cake is meant for kids. So, if you have a daughter or a niece for whom you want to plan a beautiful surprise on her birthday, you can opt for a Barbie cake. A Barbie cake looks gorgeous and is loved by younger girls. You can find a wide variety of Barbie cakes in online gift portals.

Rose Swirl Cake

You might have seen the rose swirl cake design all over the internet and it did make you say wow. Didn’t it? Well a rose swirl cake is a cake where you have to make big roses on the entire cake with buttercream frosting. This recipe is very simple but yes, you need perfection here. You can also order this cake from online cake portals if you are not comfortable with preparing it by yourself.

Spa Party Cake

A spa party cake is an ideal cake idea for a themed birthday party. So, if you want to plan a spa theme birthday party for your girlfriend or wife, there has to be a cake that can fit into the celebration too. So, you can order a spa party cake online from cake portals.

Butterfly Cake

Butterflies are known for the beauty of their colourful wings. So, if you want to add instant colours to the birthday celebration of your daughter or niece, you can go with a delicious butterfly cake. There are a variety of butterfly cake designs available on online gift portal.

These are some of the best birthday cake ideas for girls. You can find all these cakes on cake portals and even order a cake online from there comfortably seated at your home.


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