Momos’ fad is no new to India, especially in North! In time of less than a decade, momos have beaten all the evergreen roadside snacks like gol gappas, bhel puri, samosas, etc to emerge as the most loved one. But here we enlist 7 sad but true reasons that make momos the worst junk food ever!
1. Made with chemical based dough

Street and roadside momos vendors use cheap refined flour, treated with chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide, chlorine gas and other bleaches which can cause diabetes and damage pancreas.
2. Meat of dogs and other animals in the name of chicken

You must be aware of the recent news reports claiming that momos sellers are using dog meat as a stuffing for chicken momos. If you happen to be a dog lover, I can feel your pain and astonishment!
3. Use of diseased and already dead chicken:

This holds very much true for the cheap roadside sellers who use diseased and already dead meat, which they buy at exceptionally low prices. You can imagine the plethora of diseases and infections that may come along!
4. Uncooked and poor quality vegetables

In the spree to make plentiful quantity of momos, they compromise on the hygiene factor and end up using unwashed veggies. They even use poor quality vegetables available in cheaper prices which are home to bacteria and can cause severe infections.
5. They might contain MSG

MSG – Mono Sodium Glutamate, the same ingredient whose presence got Maggi banned is also used in momos. Consumption of MSG adversely affects bones and also causes several other health issues like chest pain, obesity, sweating, nervous disorders, etc.
6. Contain faecal matter

This couldn’t get any more gross! But it is true. According to a study by IHM, Catering and Nutrition, Pusa Road, Delhi street food like samosas, burgers, momos and gol gappas faecal matter much more than the permitted levels.
7. The extremely harmful ‘Chuntey’

Red chili chutney is a quintessential serve with momos of any kind. But intake of extreme amount of chili, as in the case of momos chutney, can cause piles, severe stomach and esophagus issues.

However, if prepared at home or consumed from a well-reputed and hygienic restaurant, these risks can be ruled out!

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