7 Breathtaking Bridal Mehndi Ideas for your Big Day

Bridal mehndi has to be super special and every design has to be intricate and detailed. With such beautiful designs to add on to your bridal look, you need to have some ideas for your hands and feet. There are a number of mehndi designs that you wouldn’t wish to miss out!

1. Make a statement with a #Hashtag 

Be the bride of today and make a statement with a hashtag in your mehndi. You must be a couple with a hashtag of your initials, you totally would love to show off your love story with a hashtag to it!

2. If you are a fan of Arabic mehndi, Go for some beautiful designs! 

You can give your mehndi designs a different kick from traditional mehndi designs and give it an Arabic design. Beautiful Arabic mehndi design can give your hands a different look altogether. With such intricate designs and detailing, you are going to have a breathtaking mehendi.

3. Have a Bride-Groom portrait!

Get you and your loved one carved on your mehndi and make it look super amazing!

4. Give a shout-out to your long-distance love story! 

Your struggle to hold onto every odds and your efforts in keeping up with the long-distance, it totally deserves a space on your bridal mehndi!

5. Your doggo has to be there! 

Give your furry friend a little space there. It has been there through all your struggles and fights, let him/her there on your bridal mehndi design.

6. Why not include your wedding vows on your mehndi?

Your wedding vows could be included in your mehndi design. Get it on your bridal mehndi and be the that adorable bride of the night!

7. Add little elements to your mehndi design that made you fall in love! 

There must be a lot of things in your love story that led you to this big day to tie a knot! Go ahead and get those memories highlighted!