7 Household Chores For Women Who Want To Burn Calories Without The Gym

We all know how frantic a day can be for working women. There is absolutely no time for workout and drill. If you spare one hour for yourself out of your busy schedule, it works like heaven! But u prefer spending time watching TV, or meditating. When you are mopping the floor, or washing dishes and clothes, you actually burn a lot of calories. So, stop grumbling that you are tired of doing the household chores, they are great alternatives for a keep-fit session. Find out more.

1. Mopping the floor
Your workout regime has probably faded in the fog, but let us bring it back. Start your day with mopping the floor, and every squat will count. It will help your arms to loosen up, and warm your body up for the day. If your maid is on leave, then why not swab the floor all by yourself? It would take you around 30 mins or less to clean the floors and in no minute, you will start burning calories.


  1. Gardening and decorating
    Oh! Flowers and nature can never go wrong! They light up your mood. Gardening is a substantial hobby for women who want to appreciate nature. Lets spend some precious time making the lawn look beautiful. You can also grow plants and vegetables if you have enough space in the garden, set up chairs for some evening tea, and arrange a small lounge for get togethers. Give your body a great workout!
  2. Washing dishes
    Your arms and hands need to stretch a bit. As you start turning 40, you will notice a hitch while lifting your arms, and could face similar health issues. Time to get away with the problem before it occurs! It works great, ladies!
  3. Cleaning cabinets and windows
    We all know how great our house look after the tables are full of shine and gloss. You would never say no to a sparkling clean house! It is time to push away the indolence that is holding you back. Pick up the dusting cloth and buff your place! You can actually burn like 100 calories in 30 minutes.


  1. Getting groceries
    Our world is so facile, all you need to do is call up the supermarket and get groceries delivered at your door step. But let us try something new. Hop into your car and purchase the groceries. It is a fun way to pass time and you could burn some calories strolling around the store with the cart.

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