7 Signs That He Loves You *More* Than You Think He Does!

Guys might not be very good at expressing their emotions but that doesn’t mean they feel them with any less intensity. At one point every girl tends to wonder ‘Does my guy eally love me more than anyone else? Or he is just like any other boy?’ Allow us to clear your doubts! Here are the 7 signs he loves you more than you think he does.

1.He isn’t reluctant to snuggle with you when you are on your period.

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He knows you may be a ball of emotions during that time of the month and he does everything he can to keep you warm and comfortable. He always keeps the track of your periods and always try to lighten you mood with his foolish talks that may make no sense at all.

2.He supports your passions and ambitions… Even if they sound a lil’ whacky to him!

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You love old school music and he doesn’t know the first word about it… But he will still try to impress you with a new song from your favorite genre because he loves you. He might have an unbearable voice but practice to sing it for you to see that look on your face. He might not know about the subject you preparing for but always takes part in your discussion so that he doen’t feel left out He does not undermine your career choices in any way and in fact, encourages you to do what you love!

3.He listens.

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Really listens. He doesn’t surf the web or go through his whatsapp while you are talking to him. He gives you honest answers and offers an unbiased opinion when you need him to. He never gets bored of your talks and can hear your voice for hours without yawning and the things that are not of his interes becomes intresting to him just because its you who talking. Else he is just happy to be there for you too!

4. Your Interests becomes his

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When everything that you are interested in from tv shows to movies to your fav song become his favorite also. Its not like he is acting of showing interest, its just like he genuinly develop interest in those things.

5.He talks about his future with you… And his future always includes you.

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He uses words like ‘we’ and ‘our’ instead of  ‘I’ and ‘my’. This little thing actually means a LOT, trust us. If he always talks about future and talks only about doing something with you only then trust me girls, HE IS THE ONE.

6. He is comfortable with your SILENCERelated image

There always comes a time in relationship when both of you do ‘or batao’ to each other and somewhere feels that its getting boring and things might not work in future. But its just a phase that comes in every couples life. Your parents don’t constantly talk but do share the same amount of love. If your boy understands this and can just be on the phone with you without complaining  about the silence and feels comfortable then TRUST US, He is the ONE.

7. He sees a glimpse of her mother in YOU

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We all know that almost every second boy can be tagged as a MUMMA’S Boy and no matter what happens in a boys life, he will always loves his mother the most. So if your guy tells you that he sees a glimpse of her mother in you then trust us, he loves you more then anything in this world and you will never be replaced from his heart. If the one side of his heart is owned by his mother then the second half would be yours for lifetime. In future when his one half will be nolger there then its you who will be keeping him alive.


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